Friday, April 16, 2010

almost there...

I have received many requests for a tutorial for the circle ruffle pillow I made back in January. I am sorry for taking so long... sometimes real life gets in the way of all the things I would like to create. Anyhow, I finally made the time to get this pillow done. I am calling it "The Sunshine Pillow".

I changed a few things. This pillow is square (as opposed to the original rectangular version) and I used jersey for the circles. After a few weeks the circles on the first pillow started fraying more than I liked. The jersey won't do that.

The tutorial should be ready to post early next week. Have a fabulous weekend!


anne @ Floralshowers Craft Blog said...

This pillow is absolutely gorgeous....I must have somehow missed that post! I want to make one!!! Can't wait for the toot!

Melissa said...

Great name for the pillow. I've got to get some serious pillows made for my house. Maybe I'll try this in P's room!

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