Monday, December 21, 2009

family tree projects

Here are a few Family Trees projects others have done:

Char at Crap I've Made- The white background really makes the tree and the leaves stand out. Love it.

Carole- I love the two blues she chose for the leaves.

Amelia- The original size was too big for what Amelia needed so she shrunk it to 12x12. Perfect size to add to a scrapbook!
Templates available here.

Anyone else making these for Christmas presents? I intended to make one for my parents but didn't get to it. They are arriving tomorrow morning. Yippee!

Also- It has come to my attention that the frame size I originally recommended (20x24) is not a standard size in stores. I suggest buying what ever is closest to that (without being smaller!) and cut your background paper to the frame opening size.

13 comments: said...

I came across this idea last night. I'm totally going to make one for my friend in the next few days. Ooh, I have a lot to do. Can you tell me what was written on the leaves and trunk so I have an idea what to put? I'm assuming the trunk is your name with children and each side of the tree is different families??? Also, I will need to contact my friend's mom to find out about the people in her family tree. How many generations does it go? Please advise. Thank you so much for sharing such a cool,cool idea.

The Fear Fam said...

Hi Erin - I am making one for my grandparents. I was able to find the recommended frame size at Michael's craft store for 50% off (whoo hoo!). I am a little bummed, though, because I don't have as much family info as I thought I had ... there will be quite a few bare leaves. I'm thinking of waiting until I can do a little more research, but my husband says I should go for it anyway. (I think he just doesn't want another unfinished project in the house!)

Thanks for the great idea. I don't even remember how I came across your blog (I think it was from Crap I've Made), but I love it. The style of your home, your furniture, etc, is lovely.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of something very cute I saw recently, along those lines:

PS You can enter to win one here!!!

nat and steele said...

Like Alysa I'd love more info too. Also what do you do when there are step-parents, half-siblings etc?...could get very messy.

Erin said...

Alysa and Nat- go to the template page:
and download the "diagram". it shows you where everyone goes.

I have to say though, this is really a very basic family tree. there isn't really space for blended families. Has anyone out there adapted the tree to account for that? If so, speak up- we want to see it!

Thanks Fear! :) oh, and my M-I-L's tree (the original one) had a few bare leaves too.

Lost Earring- thanks! that is so cute. I am throw my name in the hat too!

Tandee said...

I found your templates a while ago and loved them, so I made one for my brother's family, who we have for Christmas this year, and now I'm trying to finish up the one I'm making for my sister-in-law's family, who we also have for Christmas. It has been so fun. I printed the tree template on a regular 8x11 paper, then enlarged it on my copier (I think 150%?) and it fits nicely into a 16x16 frame, then I enlarged the leaves a little to match up. I wanted to make a tree for my parents, but we have a blended family, so I didn't know how I would do that... I'd love to find out, if anyone has done one! Thanks so much for the wonderful idea! =)

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

Just wanted to tell you my grandma cried. My grandpa passed away in July so this was an emotional Christmas for her. Thanks for the great gift!

Erin said...

Char- My condolences about your grandfather. I am so glad that your Grandmother enjoyed the present so much!

Shanon Ridenour said...

I am so grateful that you shared this idea with everyone! I made one for my parents, siblings, in-laws, and best friend. I have plans to make more for other family & friends too!!! Everyone loved them. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

Here's how they turned out:

Rhonda Moon said...

Thanks Erin. I'm going to make one for my parents for next Christmas.

junebug said...

AWESOME. I've paid a lot for these on red envelope before. Now I'm going to make my own. Thank you!

Kristi said...

Just wanted to let you know that I too made your family tree project. I just posted about it on my blog. You can see the posting here:
Thanks for the pdfs. They saved me so much time!!

Moe said...

I loved these family trees, I seen it in a catalog for $110- WOW so I made my own as well, you can see it here

I love how all of yours turned out, I love the color combos

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