Monday, March 29, 2010

closet renovation

My sweet husband finally finished the closet he has been promising me for two years.

This closet used to house the HVAC system but we put a new unit in the crawl space. (I didn't have a real before picture but this is pretty much what it looked like. This picture is from here.)

During: Sheetrocked closet.

Upper portion of the closet.

Lower portion of the closet.

I have seldom used appliances, CD's and DVD's, the DVD player, toys, art supplies, vacuum, broom and mop, and so much more tucked away in the closet. I love being organized!


Erica Davis said...

Looks great!

Rebecca Smith said...

Looks awesome! Organized closets make me feel SO GOOD!

Steph said...


Twigs @ Twiggles and Trunks said...

ohhhhhhhhhh pretty. organizing is my *specialty* i'm a bit obsessed with space bags, rubbermaid totes & baskets from the $1 store.

Kim said...

totally jealous. I am the most UN-organized person on the planet, but I love when things ARE organized. *sigh*

alissa said...

Your closet looks great! It looks like thre is a lot of room in that little closet! So much better than HVAC equipment!

Chris said...

Woohoo! Now the trick is to stay organized.

Becca said...

Wow, Erin.

And I take it that no one will be able to fall into/through the ceiling now? ;)

Andrea said...

Woo hoo!

LizzyP said...

I love that closet--it's so space efficient. Way to use up every inch.

standingquietintherain said...

An organized closet makes all the difference! I especially love the puzzle bags. At first I thought, "but that can't possibly make the space more efficient," but . . . voila! You are amazing!

I bet LEGOs would work well in the bags, too. Just think--organized sizes, colors, etc. (I know, a little too OCD). ;-)

Melissa said...

Nice Renovation! A little extra closet space always goes a long way.

sarah said...

Have you thought of uploading your cd's to your computer? I uploaded all mine. I did this especially because from their I could make my own cd mixes. Often I only end up liking so many songs on the cds. This way I just uploaded the songs that I liked then made mixes...not only for myself my family friends as little gifts. You could then store the cds somewhere else that you wouldn't need to get to them out of the way or you could sell or donate them. I got rid of all mine.
I was worried at first that I would lose all my music if I got rid of the cds and my computer crashed but saving them to an external hard drive solved that.

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