Thursday, November 4, 2010

upcycled hats

We are in a bit of a cold spell here... well cold for North Carolina in early November- mid 50's. Sutton asked me to buy her a hat. Of course there is no way am I going to buy a hat when I can make one for free!

I remembered a tutorial that my friend Jennifer did last winter. I dug through the 'clothing to be recycled' pile and pulled out two sweaters. The hats were very simple to make.

I grabbed some felt and made some flowers. For the white flower I used this tutorial. I made up the purple and pink one myself. I much prefer the white flower (I love it's texture and volume) but Sutton insisted on having at least one hat with a pink and purple flower so of course she prefers that one!


yellowmum said...

I love them! Of course, I had to take all my old sweaters to goodwill last week . . . now that I have something I want to use them for!

Kim said...

Those are so cute! We are cold and drizzly here. Definitely hat weather too. :)

jen said...

i want a hat with a white flower on it...

granma and papa said...

oh Erin, I so want to have granma days. The hats are so wonderful and cute but that baby you made takes my breathe away. I love her, I love you...

Jennifer said...

I love them Erin! They look so cute on her!

she wears flowers said...

These are adorable. You kinda have a golden touch with things you know!!

Kelly said...

Did you use regular felt or felted wool for the flowers and petals? And did you use sweaters that aren't wool? I couldn't find any wool sweaters at the thrift shop so I got some that were a mix of materials. I hope they work.

Erin said...

@Kelly- I used regular wool from Hobby Lobby. I have never bought the more expensive wool felt. I know once I do I won't be able to use the cheap stuff anymore! :)

The sweaters were both blends... the pink was a silk blend and the brown was a cotton/wool blend.

Anonymous said...

I work in a library and we made hats, beanie type hats smilar to this, with old sweaters and t-shirts. Anything with some stretch works. I like your flowers. We'll have to try that.

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