Monday, January 3, 2011

christmas morning

I know Christmas is over and everyone is currently talking New Years resolutions but I couldn't finish up the year without sharing Sutton's reaction to the doll house. Especially because it wasn't exactly what I had been expecting.

This is what our house looked like Christmas morning. The doll house is obviously for Sutton. The basket ball hoop is Ezra's, he is our little athlete and has LOVED the hoop so far. It looks like we don't love Liam, our oldest, since there is no large, non wrapped present for him but he is only interested in Legos and Star Wars and Star Wars Legos so all of his presents were under the tree. :)

Sutton came down the stairs, tossed the "babies" she was carrying for her brother and walked to the doll house. She said, with complete nonchalance, "It's a doll house. I like it."

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This from the girl that when her Dad announced yesterday we would be eating pancakes for lunch, her eyes grew huge and she squealed. I definitely expected her to show more excitement but she played with it all that day and in every spare moment since so I think it is safe to say she loves it. It is actually being loved and enjoyed by all the kids. Liam and Ezra try to play with her but Sutton isn't super keen on that though because Ezra tears everything apart and Liam gives the barbies swirlies in the pretend toilet.

Sutton is now the proud owner of eight Barbies (she had one, she received six hand-me-downs and a brand-new Barbie from my sister). She plays with all of them at the same time. It's like a sorority house for princesses!


Chris said...

It is always hard to gauge a child's reaction. I agree, she loves it...and will grow to love it even more. You did a wonderful job, mom & dad.

The Mac's House said...

It is hard to tell with kids what they will or won't think of something and if they don't give the reaction I know that I'm a little let down thinking that I was doing something that they really might like so I know what you mean about reactions. But, hey you will definitely appreciate this one.

Last year my husband was moaning and groaning about a GPS that he wanted. We don't buy big gifts for one another so I waited for it to go on sale to make it more "realistic" in my eyes to purchase it. He opens it and says "oh nice", "I'm like what" in my mind. It wasn't until he opened my sisters gift of a FLASHLIGHT, his eyes grew big and said hey cool look it can come apart and it has a tripod that I just about committed murder right then and there. I held it together until my sister called and then I let her know how much he really liked it, hehehehe add sarcasm..... :) Gotta love him!

2littlehooligans said...

aww kids, you just never know! my mom bought my little ones of those expensive metal pedal John Deere tractors and we didn't get the reaction we were looking for either. he showed more excitement when he opened up a pair of pj's. but im sure both kids LOVE their presents! happy new year and thanks for keeping it real!

jen said...

she definitely loves it. she was telling the girl cousins about the dollhouse at our sleepover. And then asked me if she could bring it to the next sleepover so we could play barbies. :)

Lakshmi said...

Kids don't say much , I think. They do it with action.So yes, its safe to say that she loved it, considering she played with it all day !
Nice work..Happy new year !

Anne said...

Can I just tell you looking at that doll house brings back such strong memories of our own doll house that was remarkably similar, but way less cool(sorry mom and dad). I'm glad she loves it and so glad that we picked Barbie this year.

Andrea said...

Awesome! It's always the things they don't react over that they end up loving the most. I love the swirlies...

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