Friday, April 1, 2011

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It's April Fools day but I don't have any tricks for you. I saw this one last year that almost made me pee my pants. A year later it still makes me giggle! Check it out here.


Our trip to Portland was so fun (more on that later)! Thank you for all your suggestions! I was surprised that so many Portlanders (or former Portlanders) read my little blog.


No school for my kids today. I am so excited to have a long weekend with them to make up for the time we were away last weekend. We don't leave the kids often and whenever we do I am always surprised by how much I miss them. Since there is no school, we will be going to the library and out for lunch. Hopefully the weather will clear up so we can go to the park too.


Once your newborn starts sleeping through the night never say "We're doing great, she is even sleeping through the night!". Even as the words came out of my mouth I thought to myself, I shouldn't say this, I'll jinx it. And jinx it I did!


I am sure by now you have heard of Pinterest, right? In case you haven't, it is a virtual pin board. It's light years better than using your browsers bookmarks. I even had my bookmarks organized into separate folders but it was still almost impossible to find something among the thousands of bookmarks. I have been pinning for a few months now and I love it! Follow my pins here.


For dinner tonight I am attempting a Jamie Oliver recipe, Chicken in Milk. Honestly it sounds kinda gross but it comes highly recommended. I am intrigued.


Gemma is ten weeks tomorrow! I think we might finally be blessing her next Sunday. I really need to get started on her blessing dress!


Also this weekend we get to watch General Conference. It's just what I need right now. I only wish we were having the beautiful weather we enjoyed last year!


Friday night is our weekly Family Movie Night. I think I will make these brownies and we will watch either our new favorite, "Tangled" or an old classic, "Star Wars: The Emperor Strikes Back".


I am dying to make these yarn eggs. Mini eggs would look awesome as a garland! Inspired by this party. The whole party is amazing actually. I may copy it detail for detail when Sutton turns six five this summer! (I can't believe I forgot how old my daughter is! I'm kinda tired.)




jen said...

Sutton is going to be six this summer? I thought she was turning 5? I can't believe Liam will be 8!
If you watch Tangled, can we crash your family movie night? I'll bring some salad to trade for some chicken. I've been dying to try that recipe for a long time.

Erin said...

@jen- um, yeah. Sutton is turning five. how embarrassing is it that I messed that one up?!

Kimberellie said...

Glad you had such a great time! Those yarn eggs look totally awesome! May have to try them myself. Ten weeks and almost sleeping through the night? Awesome. My son is two and still doesn't sleep through the night (at one point he almost was, then teething, and then almost, then teething, and now it's potty or thirsty). I'm really really hoping this next baby is a better sleeper!

And yum, that milk chicken looks good (but yes, sounds nasty). ;-)

crafterhours said...

I saw that we had a lot of traffic from your post, so I clicked over here and just spent WAAAAAAAY too much time perusing your blog :) I'm a fan!

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