Tuesday, May 24, 2011

look who's four months!

Gemma is four months old! Yesterday she rolled over from her back to her front for the first time. I excitedly called Michael to tell him about this milestone and he says, "Oh yeah, she did that yesterday." What?!? Since he was kind enough to not wake me from my Sunday afternoon nap to tell me the news I let it slide. :)

I am not sure how it has been for you but in my experience, I took a million (or more) pictures of my first born, Liam. With each child, the amount of pictures I have taken has dwindled. In an effort to document Gemma's infancy (and to combat her eventual argument that I don't love her as much as the other kids) I have been taking monthly photos of Gemma inspired by famille summerbelle.

Today Gemma has a fever and isn't feeling great but she still manages to smile. As long as I am holding her, that is! I have several things I want to post about but they will have to wait until my little one is feeling better.


Tricia said...

She's adorable. It's so good of you to make an effort to photograph her life. I'm the third child, and my parents like to claim that the camera was broken when I was little, but now that I'm a parent myself, I'm sure that there would have been fewer pictures of me even if the camera was fully functioning.

Chris said...

She is so precious. Love the fun letters you made. It's harder to photograph as more kids come along, but you just have to make it a priority.

Jenn-Lee at Moments said...

SO CUTE! I love the idea of taking pics like that. I have gotten so slack about pics documenting each months changes in pics. I think I might try something like this for the new little one. Thanks!

jen said...

Ah, the felt numbers on your counter make sense now. :) this is really cute and i'm sure something Gemma will love when she is older. Though now Ezra can say "you didn't love me as much..." ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Congratulations to you all on 4 months. And to Gemma on the rolling ;)

Lakshmi said...

awww..she is adorable ! Congrats on the rolling over..aren't milestones fun ?!
Yes, I agree the pics do dwindle with more kids. I am the oldest and we have tons of pictures of me when I was a baby. I have twin sisters who are 4 years younger to me. We have just a handful of thier pics..my parents reasoning - too busy taking of twins than photgraphing them ! Now, that I am a parent, I understand it, but I feel a bit guilty that there are more pictures of me ! silly, but thats how it is !

Jess said...

ok, Erin. She has GOT to be one of the cutest babies I've ever seen, hands down. ADORable!!

Melissa @ knit purl baby said...

Hey there! I found you through the "Crap I've Made" blog, she featured a few blogs that she enjoys reading. Thanks to her, I found a new crafty blog to follow!
BTW, I looked through a little bit and found that entertainment center repurposed into a play kitchen. WHHHAAAAAAA??? That's all I have to say. And that it's amazing.

<3 Melissa @ knit purl baby

jt said...

She's SO cute! Almost makes me want a baby. Almost. And I still love the name. Baby and name both, darling.

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