Monday, January 16, 2012

vegetable sushi roll

Over the weekend I had my first attempt at making sushi. It was fantastic and surprisingly easy! I followed this recipe for the rice though I wish I hadn't as it didn't call for enough water and the rice was slightly undercooked. I should have followed the directions on the rice bag (duh!) as it called for a half cup more water.

I bought my supplies at a local asian market. Everything was very inexpensive and the man running the store was very kind to give me some sushi making tips; wrap the bamboo mat completely with plastic wrap. Lay out an even layer of rice and press down firmly. Keep a bowl of water near by, rice won't stick to wet fingers.

Lay a sheet of nori paper over the rice and add your filings of choice. I made mine with carrots, cucumber, green beans and avocado. Seems like a strange combination but it was delicious! I, personally, wouldn't use raw fish when making sushi at home. It makes me nervous.

Once you have layed out the filling, start with the edge closest to you and roll as tightly as possible.

Roll your roll in sesame seeds.

Using a very sharp knife slice your roll, wiping the knife between each cut.

Serve with soy sauce, wasabi and sriracha hot chili sauce. Enjoy!

Have you made sushi before? What are your favorite combinations of fillings?


Danielle said...

Looks good! I have never made it, but I love to eat it.

BeCr8iv said...

I have always been a bit scared of attempting to make sushi at home, but after reading this - I may give it a whirl! May favorite sushi is the veggie ones anyways!

jen said...

looks great! did the kids eat them or was this for you & michael? jon is still after me to attempt pad thai, even after i explained it would be cheaper just to eat out. ;) i think i'll try this first!

Erin said...

@jen- these were for us only. we've tried to get the kids to eat california rolls before. Sutton barely choked hers down and Ezra spit his out on the floor. Liam wouldn't even try!

Courtnay said...

just fyi, so long as you are using flash frozen fish that has thawed you'd be just fine to do it at home... the freezing kill snaything and everything :)

Erin said...

Thanks Courtnay! Good to know!

Emily said...

Yum!! Looks so good! I love vegetable sushi. :) I've made california rolls too but did not have great success with the rice- it wasn't sticky enough and a teensy bit crunchy.

granma and papa said...

hey that looks good!

Erin said...

YUM! Isn't any food with sriracha awesome? I also make crazy veggie combos. My husband likes to add cooked shrimp or salmon to the rolls, as we don't have a super fresh seafood market nearby.

Try amazon for less expensive Asian food. Sounds strange, but that's where I buy my nori paper and wasabi powder (with free shipping!).

Jenn Kirk said...

I love cream cheese combined with pretty much anything; cucumber, fish, avocado...

And I'm with you on handling sashimi at home. Freaks me out, but my mom does it all the time!

i said...

it is so fun to make sushi. i need to do it again!! I LOVE the photography. :) beautiful

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