Wednesday, November 24, 2010

christmas pillows

I have been in the kitchen all day. So far I have made pie crusts, two chocolate pudding pies, brined a turkey, roasting another turkey (for the Church Thanksgiving dinner tonight. Thanksgiving dinner two days in a row? Yes, please!), cranberry sauce, homemade pumpkin puree (for the pumpkin cream pies I will be making tomorrow) and washed more dishes than I can count!

BUT, I had to pop in here to show off the Christmas pillows I made. I will be decorating soon, friends! I can't wait much longer!

This pillow reminds me of ribbon candy. I used this tutorial. Does it look familiar? I made one in orange a while back. I changed it up a little this time. Rather then leaving the ruffles raw, I used a decorative finished edge on my serger. I love my serger and use it a lot but it is capable of so much more than I use it for. It was fun to branch out a little even though it did require me to re-thread the machine. Ugh!

My favorite part of this polka dot pillow is the rick rack edging. I adore rick rack.

I love this quilted pillow! I used this tutorial from Sparkle Power. The contrasting red thread was a good idea in theory but boy, it is hard to sew evenly spaced perfectly straight lines! When I make more of these in non-holiday colors (and I definitely will be) I will be using matching thread like Candace did- it gives you a little more room for error.

Now if only I could justify spending $200 on a tree skirt...

It's so pretty, I would almost be tempted to wear it!

To all of you in the United States: Have a joyous Thanksgiving! Get out of the kitchen and have fun with your family. I know I am hoping to! :)


jen said...

I want one of those green & white pillows. i love channel stitched stuff!
Are you bringing a chocolate pudding pie for Thanksgiving tomorrow? Because that would be a welcome addition and a good alternative to everything else pumpkin. :) No pressure though!

Marisa said...

Lovely pillows!

You could definitely make that tree skirt out of felt.

merathon said...

i love them all, erin. so cute and fun-- just like YOU! glad that i have your blog to make me feel like we're still close by, although it makes me miss you more too. . . that didn't make sense but you know what i'm sayin!

dandee said...

You are so awesome. Bakin' + stitchen' + making your home cozy for your sweet family.

Happy Thanksgiving, Erin!

ps I'll be dreaming of that tree skirt tonight.

Anonymous said...

Love those pillows Erin! Especially the sparkle power striped one. Happy thanksgiving!!

The Fear Fam said...

Adorable! Thanks for the inspiration. I have some Christmas fabric leftover from a table runner & banners I made, and it might just be enough for a pillow or two!

she wears flowers said...

Love these--especially the ruffle one!

Chris said...

Each of these pillows is darling. They remind me of old fashioned Christmas candy. I'm sure they'll look festive!

FullertonRegan said...

Oh, I love this idea! I always want Christmas pillows, and these are so lovely. Adore the ric rac!

golden04 said...

Where did you get your fabric (the red and white and the polk a dots)? Love them!

Erin said...

@golden04- i bought the fabrics at hobby lobby. i am pretty sure they have them again this year.

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