Thursday, January 29, 2009

spray paint is my friend

the first thing i ever spray painted was the locks on my windows. this was back in 2005, when we had just moved in.

who wants to spend $75 on new hardware for windows that are over 30 years old when a $3 can of spray paint can do the job?

recently i have had a few more spray paint projects:

1- the little orange votive and the blue candle sticks were all tarnished brass. i bought them at a Habitat for Humanity Restore for 50 cents each.

2- these white vases i got at a local store for 87 cents each.

i painted one orange because i love orange and the other red to go with my valentine decor.

3- i got this pewter footed bowl at a local consignment store for $3. i actually liked the pewter but i am trying to add more color to my home so i decided to go ahead and paint it. i am really happy with how it turned out. i think it might be my favorite so far. it makes a perfect place to store our keys.


katie said...

umm, i need to go buy spray paint now. and then things to spray. . . i'm sure the people walking by on the sidewalk won't mind. . . these look so great erin!
and, i'm happy to see you here. smart move separating it out from the family blog. i'm in eternal conflict about my blog's identity. . .

also love the pleated pillow, it looks perfect.

Jenn-Lee said...

Okay Erin. I knew I loved you. I knew I loved your style but wow! I am lovin' this blog! I am happy you have started to post more of the creative side of your life. I have SOOOO many things that could be painted and I have planned to paint but never have. Thanks for the inspiration. I might need your help on a few things sometime for ideas. :)

Jen said...

I was in the paint isle of Walmart last night and bought 3 cans of spray paint on clearance and a gal of beige interior paint. Now I need to hit the Thrift Store, lol.

Great Blog you have!

Anonymous said...

love your blog, i wanted to ask what brand of spray paint you use and more about your technique. my attempts with spray paint don't look this good or this glossy!

Anonymous said...

i've spent all morning perusing your blog, and i really should be packing for our Thanksgiving trip! my husband is gonna kill me! :-) buuuuut I am curious about your spray paint brand/technique too! Do you have to prep anything that's glossy/shiny/metal before you paint it? Thanks, and loving your blog!

Erin said...

i always use a spray primer first. always!
i prefer to use krylon brand spray paint. it can be purchased at home depot, wal-mart, hobby lobby, etc.
to avoid drips use short sweeping sprays rather than long sprays that are concentrated in one spot. i hope this helps! :)

montana said...

Great job on all your projects!! Love the play kitchen!!! If you have a Freecycle group where you live (google freecycle), you can get stuff for free and repurpose items to fit your needs. Adorable shirts, and especially adorable daughter!

OUR WILD ZOO! said...

you completely inspire me! I LOVE your blog, just found it by a blog hop- I need to bookmark your site, you are incredibly talented!

Jennifer said...

I have a couple of candle stick holders that are going from bronze to orange tonight! Wish me luck!

Mandi E. said...

Thanks for the tips in the comments. Haven't done this before so that is helpful. My next project is the ugly brass handles in our new rental house.

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