Monday, August 3, 2009

at the antique market

i so wanted to buy this hat (it was only $5).

but really, where does one wear a hat like that these days?


jen said...

well, if you're Carrie Bradshaw, you wear it while jogging in the park or something else as equally ridiculous. If you're a normal person...I suppose you could wear it to church or a wedding? It's really cool.

Erin said...

you might be on to something jen... maybe i should unleash my inner carrie and wear it while working out.

RO.MA. said...

to the grocery store!!!! These hats are sooo pretty and need to be worn more often! You gotta start somewhere! Yes, unleash your inner Carrie! :)

Sara Clifton said...

On the F train, of course! No kidding. I saw a woman wearing this exact piece the other day. She sat down right next to me and i was trying not to stare. I actually told her how lovey it was. She so casually thanked me, as if she had already hear that a hundred times.

Papi and Wee Granny said...

Somebody needs to get the fad going again, might as well be you!

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