Thursday, October 29, 2009

the beard

Liam's Gandolf costume is done. You guys had such fantastic ideas for the beard. I would have put your ideas to use except I had already purchased the materials for making this beard. I am mostly happy with how it turned out. The length and shape (especially the crookedness of it) I think are perfect. The color is off though. I couldn't find and gray or white trim, only brown. Maybe Liam can be a young Gandolf?

All is not lost though... the beard has already seen a lot of use. Liam wore it constantly for two days after I made it. And it even looks good on me:

Maybe next Halloween I will be the bearded lady. Totally hot, right? RIGHT?

I'll be posting more pictures of the kids in their costumes soon.


Andi said...

You could always dye it black?

Michael said...

I think the beard came out perfect as well, but the bearded lady thing is crazy talk! You should make yourself a princess dress instead. : )

jen said...

why wait until next year? just answer your door and run your errands as the bearded lady next week. i would love to see people's expressions.

Grace @ One Craft Girl's Corner said...

The beard looks great! What great texture!

merathon said...

i am SO glad you posted that pic of you in the beard! i'm going to think of it every time i see you now!

so what did you make it out of? one of those shaggy yarns?

Jenn Bennett said...

Wow, that is one fabulous beard. It looks great.

dandee said...

that is amazing!

Jenn Bennett said...

Maybe you could sprinkle some baby powder on it to make it lighter and older looking?

Anonymous said...

The beard turned out great! And you should totally be the bearded lady next year ha ha. You've got an entire year to construct an outfit :)

Erin said...

i used an upholstery trim. i really can't imagine adding that stuff to a pillow or something but to each his own, right?

jenn bennett- i actually tried the baby powder and it looked a lot better but poor Liam wouldn't put it anywhere near his face after that. i don't blame him, it made me sneeze when I tried it on after that too. I had to wash all the baby powder out. I also used very watered down white fabric paint and with a spray bottle spritzed the beard but that didn't really make a difference!

Mrs. Misadventure said...

That beard looks amazing on you :) very creative!

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