Monday, October 19, 2009

the poopy clutch

Melissa Esplin has a great tutorial for a diaper and wipes holder that she calls a poopy clutch. clever, right? it corrals the diapers and wipes so they don't take over the purse.

the tutorial has options for leather, vinyl or fabric. i initially wanted to use leather for mine but the smallest piece of leather i could find was about $40. while i could have made several clutches with that one piece of leather i only need one clutch. luckily i was able to find a remnant piece of white vinyl for a couple of dollars.

the lining is 100% cotton and i used heat and bond to fuse the lining to the vinyl. i bought the button post at Tandy Leather Factory for $1.30.

this is a really simple project- there is no sewing involved! the total cost was less than $8 and i no longer have bunched up diapers cluttering my purse. hooray!


Alison said...

i love it, that is a great idea. the best part? i have the same target purse in the same color.

The Persimmon Perch said...

I love your project! That would be so handy now that my little one is turning one; we need so much less stuff with us on a regular basis. I hope you will join me at The Persimmon Perch for Made it Monday! Mister Linky is up and ready for you to enter.

Erin said...

thanks Alison! i got the bag for $10 last Saturday. i totally love it too!

persimmon perch- i'll do that, thanks!!

Melissa {is•ly} said...

Erin, your clutch turned out beautiful!! I LOVE the white vinyl and the fabric you paired it with. Great job!!

Steph said...

I. Love. This.

Shanda said...

I love how that turned out! Hopefully Paris will be potty-trained soon so I want to figure out what else I could use that for.

Lindsey @ Better After said...

I hear you on the wadded up diapers... After one has been in my bag awhile I'll glance in there and think, "is this diaper USED!?"

So, anyway, I just bought some elastic thread for the first time thanks to you! Only prob is, it keeps breaking, or when it doesn't break, my thread will. Like after every 4 stitches! What am I doing wrong?

Jenn Bennett said...

I love this too! I was going to make makeup pouches for all of my girlfriends and sisters this year but this is even better! I think it could be used for anything, not just diapers and wipes.

Erin said...

I love it! I am going to make one!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Great post--I'll definitely pass this one on to friends :)

I'm sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if it would be okay for me to feature your repurposed entertainment center (play kitchen) project on my blog? I'd include the before and after photos, with credit to you of course and a direct link to your blog.  I'm just floored by how amazing this turned out!  Amazing work :)

You can check out my blog by clicking on my name :) Please let me know either way via a comment on my blog or feel free to e-mail me.

thelostearring (at) yahoo dot com

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