Monday, November 2, 2009

last weeks thrifty finds

-Four lotus bowls. I am starting to get quite the collection of these things but I love them! These are the first ones I have found in orange. I also have another yellow one that is a bigger size.

-One milk glass vase.

-Two sets of paper dolls. Sutton is still a little young for paper dolls but we are going to give it a try. I still remember playing (very, very carefully) with my mom's Debbie Reynolds paper dolls she had saved from her childhood.

-Three embroidery hoops. I am starting a collection of these so I can do something like this.

-Five glass vases. I am going to do an awesome project with the vases. Well, I am hoping that it will be awesome but it could be a colossal failure. Wait and see!

All for about $8!

I also found a fantastic mid-century dresser for my sister-in-law. $25. Booyah!


Kim's Treasures said...

Great the lotus bowls!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Love the lotus bowls. I'm thinking I should start a collection!

Jenn Bennett said...

Love the fabric in the hoops idea! I also love your tablecloth.

Maria said...

Love the fabric hoops! And the paper dolls brought back fond memories, I think I had both sets!

Lindsey @ Better After said...

I love lotus bowls, I have three of them myself, but I've only ever seen them in white. I LOVE your colored ones!

Erin said...

lotus bowls are popular! i looked on etsy, there are many lotus bowls (in fabulous colors!) for sale starting around $3-4 a piece. Who knew? I paid .50 for the small ones and $1 for the large ones at the thrift store.

jenn bennett- thanks but my table cloth isn't really a table cloth. yet! it is just fabric that i originally bought to make a skirt but decided it was too busy. so i have been trying it out on the table as a table cloth. i think i really like it.

Kelly said...

Erin, I love the fabric hoop idea. I have been struggling to think of an idea for a wall over my kitchen table, and now I see I am going to have to start collecting hoops. This is just too much fun to pass up.

andrea. said...

you are so cute! i love finding treasures too!! thrift stores and garage sales are the best!!

the fabric hoop project is awesome. i really hope you do it!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, you must have some old-school thrift shops where you live. Around here, most thrift shops have really over-priced stuff! Will you be posting a pic of the dresser? Please, oh please :) Great finds!

Erin said...

kelly, the hoops would look great in your kitchen! you should definitely do it.

the lost earring, i like to go to the thrift stores in the little towns outside of charlotte (about 30 minutes from my house) they are way less picked over. it's my little thrifting secret :)

merathon said...

can i come thrifting with you sometime, erin? i don't know about these little gems where you always find your stuff!

jessi said...

I love the fabric hoop idea! Someday that will look really great in my (sound proof) sewing room, LOL!! ;)

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