Sunday, November 29, 2009

shopping list

24 ounces milk chocolate

raw peanuts
light corn syrup
peppermint oil
evaporated milk
rice flour
confectioners sugar
unflavored gelatin
peppermint candies
melting chocolate- milk, dark, mint and white
new candy thermometer (note to self: don't break this one!)
parchment paper

let the Christmas goodies making commence!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Holiday treats! Can't wait to see some candy :)

granma and papa said...

you going to be done before we get there?

mer said...

oooh. sounds like you are going to have some seriously yummy goodies!

jen said...

when you get ready to make that no-fail fudge, let me know. maybe i can cover over and we can make it together. i'm going to try and make the bulk of mine for Saturday...

Kim said...

I hope you're going to post some pix of what all those ingredients will morph into!!!

Have fun!

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