Sunday, December 6, 2009


Friday night we went to see Kovacs and the Polar Bear. My brother-in-law Andrew is the drummer. It was an awesome show.

Saturday we took the kids to spend the night at the Great Wolf Lodge. They have a huge indoor water park. Liam and Sutton loved it. Ezra... not so much. I was surprised that he disliked it so much. He loves water. I am guessing that it was just too much water for him. This was Liam's first time riding water slides. He was nervous at first but was hooked after the first one. I wish I had taken some pictures in the water park. It was awesome!

We happened to be there on the busiest weekend of the year! Saturday was the first night of their "Snowland" festivities. Santa came and there were lots of activities for the kids (it even "snowed" (aka little foamy bubbles) a couple of times a day in the lobby). We didn't do much more then the water park though. I am not a fan of big crowds. This is the lobby during Santa's arrival- way too many people for my comfort!

The kids loved the "wolf den" where their beds were.

I liked it too. It reminded me of when my older sister and I slept in bunk beds built into a closet. Except I didn't have a flat panel tv in my cozy bed nook.

We asked someone to take a picture of the family. Hmm... too blurry.

Let's just use the timer instead. Oops, nice back Michael.
Not quite.
Almost there...
We're all making strange faces... oh well, it's good enough.
As were we checking out we were able to catch the 'snow' again.

So pretty!

Tonight, after the kids are in bed, I am hoping to finish the Christmas decor. Usually I don't spend more then a couple of hours on that stuff but this year I have manage to stretch it out over a week. There are huge totes of decorations sitting in my family room and it's driving me crazy!


Jenn Bennett said...

What a neat place! I wonder if they allow dogs. Ours could sleep in the Wolf Den. ;)

Supermom said...

I actually found me and the baby in the photo from Saturday night.

It was a pleasure meeting you this morning.

AKA: The Adventures of Supermom

Erin said...

haha Jen! the dogs would love the wolf den!

michelle- i am seriously impressed that you found yourself in that picture. it was lovely to meet you too.

merathon said...

i was wondering where you guys were today! i have been wanting to check out that place ever since it opened-- if patrick EVER gets some time off!

you coming over tomorrow for the big cookie party?

Anonymous said...

That looks like a dream spot for kids! I saw a hotel somewhere, can't remember the name, and they actually have circus-style lion cages where the kids can climb up and sleep. How cool is that! Thanks for sharing :)

granma and papa said...

Poor, poor baby - no flat screen TV in your improvised were SO DEPRIVED!!! The wolf place looks awesome. I am thinking that Andy is the 'Polar Bear', right??? He looks like a mountain man in the pic. Glad that you had a wonderful time!

Kim said...

You are a brave soul to take your little, little ones to GWL. It can be kid heaven or it can be...not. My little ballerina was over the water park after an hour. My big ballerina wanted to close the place down. I can't believe how gorgeous they made it for Christmas. WOW!

Petit Elefant said...

Do mean to tell me that it's warm enough in December to go to a water park? Be still my heart.

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