Thursday, January 7, 2010


me with my birthday cake, italian creme cake, recipe coming soon!

Yesterday was my thirty-first birthday. In honor of that (and in no particular order) here are thirty-one things I would like to accomplish in 2010.

31- refashion at least one item a week.
30- stop swearing. I don't swear much, sometimes I do it only to make my husband laugh. I am not sure when I developed this habit. I used to be such a goody two shoes that I would chastise my mother for swearing (sorry mom, that must have been really obnoxious!). But I really want to stop because one of these days my kids are going to catch on and start using bad words. I would really hate that.
29- Pray each morning and night.
28- lose those last, stubborn ten pounds.
27- read more.
26- exercise three times a week.
25- kiss my husband more.
24- paint the baseboards (they were installed over a year ago and I still haven't painted them!)
23- fold laundry right away- don't let it sit in the basket for weeks on end.
22- be patient- with myself, the children, michael.
21- sew more clothes for myself.
20- learn to control anger.
19- read from the Book of Mormon daily.
18- play with the kids more.
17- get out of bed by 7 am.
16- have a regular date night with Michael.
15- be on time.
14- smile more.
13- stress less.
12- be more financially responsible.
11- waste less.
10- be happy.
9- learn how to french braid.
8- attend the Temple monthly.
7- be more outgoing.
6- care not what others think of me.
5- have a cleaning system- similar to this.
4- make my bed everyday.
3- take more pictures.
2- be comfortable with who I am.
1- re-learn how to crochet.


tek said...

hate a regular date night with Michael.

- I think you mean "have"

Jennifer said...

Please don't stop swearing erin. It adds character:)

Erin said...

tek, nope, i really do hate date night with my husband... okay, you got me! i really did mean "have". i will change it. thanks!

jennifer, you've got a point...

Steph said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Those are some good things to work on. I have a few of those on my list too!

Jenn Bennett said...

I'm with Jennifer. Swearing rarely and at just the right moment can get a point across in a big way.

I will show you how to french braid if you want.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Good luck - that is too many for me to take on! Oh, Happy Birthday!

jen said...

out of bed by 7 am?? aw man, that would by my un-doing.
Happy Birthday - the cake looks gorgeous.
PS - I don't think I've ever heard your swear. I think I would find it entertaining.

Erin said...

thanks Steph and Amanda!

Jenn Benn- oh please, please teach me hoe to french braid. i would love you forever!

laural- i imagine that all this might prove to be too much for me too but i will give it my best!

jen- i hate getting up early! always have. i MUST be up by 7:30 to get Liam off to school so 7 is not much of a stretch. just enough to give me a bit of a head start on the day. although in all honesty i am not doing many of my goals this week. i have a nasty head cold. that trumps everything!

Petit Elefant said...

We have a lot of crossover on our personal lists. I can never add swearing to the list because then it will just make me feel worse when I don't get it done! Swearing when it's on a New Year's Resolution list NOT to just compounds the guilt and I don't need any more of that in my life! ;)

andrea. said...

happy birthday erin! that cake looks amazing...can you send me some?

i love your list of things to do...especially that you included "learn to french braid". haha. i used to french braid janelle's hair in high school...

Jill said...

I am turning 30 in a couple weeks ... this would be fun. I just started this blog it is a blog that posts one chapter a day of the BOM so that we can accomplish reading that before the many "other" things we read in a day.

dandee said...

Happy birthday Erin!

Mama Thompson said...

Happy Birthday...can't wait to see your weekly refashions...I almost attempted looking at clothes while at the DI in search of a table for my sister...couldn't do's just to overwhelming for to your list...change your husband's name for mine and Amen to the rest:)

Erin said...

allison- yeah, the guilt is already worse. i might just have to scratch that off my list. it's my list i can edit it as i see fit, right?

andrea- i can definitely share the recipe! i wish my little sister had braided my hair. that is so sweet!

Jill- what a great idea! i can't wait to check it out. thanks!!

Mama- thrifting for clothes can be overwhelming. there is so much crap to sort through and then there is the smell... :)

Sophie said...

Honestly, your 31 project is not that easy for me either.
I've found myself all type of excuse just to be what I am doing now, everyday...(Blogging & shopping)
I'm turning 30 in April. Extremely scared of it's, because people might expect me to be more mature..or may be more obedient..? I don't know.
Just happy to be here, can't really remember how I got here, but I'm here now, and enjoying my moments here reading your stuff...

Sophie said...

Happy Birthday ! By the way

seaschell said...

I've been lurking around for a while, so I'm coming out of the shadows to wish you a happy birthday! My birthday is January 6th also. :)

Kim said...

Happy Birthday, Erin! That list scares me! But, I'm looking forward to reading about your journey.

And, I agree. Don't give up swearing, please. If you do, you'll never "come over" anymore. I'd miss you.

merathon said...

i'm feeling like the most horrible friend right now cuz even though i was reminded just a few days ago, i STILL spaced your birthday! i'll have to find a way to make it up to you!

that is quite an impressive list. i've never attempted that many goals all at once-- have fun or good luck??? :) you've got some good ones in there!

(p.s. i used to have a swearing issue too, but it got so bad i really DID have to stop!)

Anonymous said...

I just recently re-learned to crochet myself! I love it too, made some cuuute stuff :) and the learning to french braid is easy..just not on your own hair :/
But i gotta say, i like ur 31 things to accomplish. I sure youll get there!

granma and papa said...

Where did I go wrong? Oh yeah, it WAS the swearing...thanks for getting me to almost stop. Now days, when I need to, it is usually in my head!
I don't think that you don't really want to french braid, somewhere in your head is the bad memory of setting on the floor with your head on my knees and me saying over and over, "be still" while I did the "crown braid". Do you really want to do that to Sutton???
Love the picture of you with the cake, how did you get to be so beautiful?
love you,

Marcia said...

I hopped over here from Kalleen's blog (at second street). Happy birthday! I had to comment because as teenager I was amused at my mom's humorous occasional swearing but now that I have my own 12 year old daughter, it's even more funny that she gets after me like you did your mom. I laugh!

jessi said...

That cake looks fabulous, and I'm so not a coconut lover! :) I was thinking...if you need to work on being up and out of bed before 7:30 am, I would be more than willing to loan you my boys for a few days. :) They get up at 6 am EVERY morning.. Without fail... I don't even set an alarm anymore, LOL!

And the swearing thing... Yeah.. We're working on that here, too. :) (I guess I should say 'Justin' is working on that. (My biggest offense is the word 'crap' - which I've really tried hard to stop saying!). Nothing major, but a couple of months ago Jackson tried to hit a bug with his shoe and he missed it so it got away. His response, "What the hell?"

I had to turn my head to laugh so he couldn't see me. And then Justin got a phone call...

Jamie Garlick said...

You are inCREDible, Erin! You completely inspire me!

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