Wednesday, February 10, 2010

heart headband

Today is Sutton's preschool Valentine party. Last night I made her this heart headband to wear. Inspired by Katiedid's headbands she made for her girls. May I brag for a second? I actually know Katie in real life and she is even more cool and talented than she appears on her blog. For reals!

Anyhow, the headband consists of felts circles overlapped and sewn together with a double heart on one side. I added about 1 1/2" length of elastic to the underside. I wish I had made the circles a little smaller but Sutton was excited to wear it.

Although, a little shy when I wanted to take her picture.

I wimped out this year and did store bought valentines. In lieu of candy we bought these adorable pinwheels at the dollar store.


The Stringham 5 said...

SEW very cute! Haha! Get it? SEW very cute? Um...yeah. Anyway, love it! :)

Anonymous said...

How sweet. She looks adorable, shyness and all :)


Too cute I love it

granma and papa said...

Oh, Sutton Grace, I wish that I could see you EVERY DAY of your life!!!

I love you!

Lorie said...


Jenn Bennett said...

Wimped out? Seriously, you have hand-made the cards for her class in the past? You are amazing and I couldn't be as good as you even in my dreams! :)

katie said...

erin, you made me blush. and shy sutton looks crazy adorable in her sweet headband!

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