Thursday, February 18, 2010

more throw pillows!

The morning I announced the winners of my giveaway I got a comment from Megan saying I won her giveaway. I was so excited! I never win things. Thanks again Megan!

The giveaway was from and I chose an awesome zig-zag pillow. I love it.

I must be suffering from the winter doldrums because I am craving yellow. Yellow, yellow everywhere!

In an effort to satisfy my craving, I made a little yellow pillow today (it looks more yellow and less beige in person). I used freezer paper stencils I cut out loosely based on this design. Instead of using the usual fabric paint, I took a tip from Vanessa and used spray paint. It was so easy and way fast.

And now my couch has a little bit of sunshine!


Jamie said...

That pillow is adorable!! And I have been craving yellow a lot lately too.

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Seriously? You are SO cool! And I'm super jealous of both of your pillows. Question? Is the fabric stiff now?

I'm on a HUGE yellow kick right now that I am sure is because of this dreary weather. Drrrreeearrry weather. The little bits of yellow sure perks me up! Congratulations on winning again!

merathon said...

i hate all my throw pillows but i don't know what i want that would look good! everything you've ever put on your couch looks so cute, but it's just not that way for me!

Alyssa/LayneHelen said...

these are adorable. my mom is rather crafty herself and she says that spray paint never turns out as well as you hope it would. i told her about all of your spray paint projects. they seem to be perfect. do you think spray paint has evolved from say ten years ago? what kids are best? i have the freezer paper, sounds so fun to make a stencil and spray a pillow! by the way...i have a 15 month old and am a stay at home mom and have MAJOR crafting envy. HOW do you get it done? Seriously, you must have an amazing napper or you never sleep yourself! You are a total inspiration!

janimal said...

Oooh, spray paint with a freezer paper stencil - LOVE IT! Must try. We're about to have our basement recarpeted and painted and I picked out a very light yellow for the walls. So I guess I'm on a yellow kick now too! Love this idea as I am now on the hunt for groovy yellow accessories. Thanks for sharing!

...Erin Woodward... said...

Megan- I was concerned about that too but the fabric is surprisingly not stiff! It is as stiff as it would be if I had used fabric paint. It does smell a little but that is common with anything spray painted and it will fade.

Mer- I am no interior designer but I would be happy to help you make some pillows. Let's talk!

Alyssa- Yes, I think spray paint has improved over the years. It can be tricky though. I can not stress the importance of PRIMER! (Although I didn't use it on the fabric but anything else must be primed). I use Krylon paints. The have the best nozzle and smell less than other brands. You have to be patient (not a talent of mine) and do several light coats to avoid drips.
I get the "How do you do it" question a lot. I do stay up WAY too late. My son does nap well most days thankfully, and I often craft or sew instead of cleaning the bathroom.

Janimal- oh to have a basement! I am so jealous! Have fun decorating it!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the win! I have to say I'm a bit jealous of your chevron pillow - and the one you spray painted! This is definitely something I'll have to attempt!

Design A-Peele said...

really really cute!

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