Monday, July 26, 2010

my little supers

I usually take a nap Sunday afternoon. Yesterday though I wasn't feeling very tired (miracle!) so I decided to venture into my sewing room. I hadn't touched my sewing machine in so long I just stood there trying to figure out what to work on. Cue Liam and Sutton coming in and begging for capes. I figured, why not?

don't you just love the post church throw-on-whatever-you-can-find mismatched outfits?

These are not the cute, well-made capes that you have seen around the blogosphere. I let the kids pick out whatever material they liked. Liam's is a cheap dress lining material and Suttons is some pink polyester stuff I inherited from my MIL. Because I was trying to get the capes done before the kids lost interest and I lost my energy, I quickly serged the all raw edges (except for Ezra's cape which I made from jersey), added a free handed felt letter applique with double sided fusible stuff (I use Steam-A-Seam), and sticky velcro dot finished them off.

I was unsure whether Ezra would like a cape. The child has refused to wear bibs since infancy (I am not even exaggerating!) but he loved it. He ran and jumped just like the big kids.

I even allowed a little furniture jumping which is usually off limits at our house. Sometimes it's fun to ignore the rules!


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

So cute!

Susan K Huntington said...

Erin, those are adorable. Super Mom strikes again! Where's your cape?

she wears flowers said...

You GO girl!! Awesome! I love the way you throw caution to the wind and live in the moment!

jen said...

Ez was SO cute last night running around in his cape. He definitely liked wearing it. Sometimes the easiest projects are the ones most-loved. :)

janimal said...

I have been meaning to make a cape for a while now. Your kids look TOO cute playing in theirs!

Hounds4HeroesFounder said...

Love the capes and the pics. You're so awesome!

The Rose Family said...

Cutest kids ever. I should be so motivated on a Sunday afternoon! It's all I can do to get a lunch together before I pass out from exhaustion!

Andi said...

Awesome! I've been wanting to make some for my boys for a while but have never gotten around to it. The kids look so happy (and big!).

Molly Krauss Smith said...

I love the picture you got of the kiddos mid-flight!

Anderson said...

I love your daughter's fist out, foot up stance! She looks very super hero indeed! And great job with the capes. What a fun mom! :)

PS. I don't know if I've ever left a comment before, but I totally "blog-stalk" you. Your creativity inspires me. Thanks. :)

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