Tuesday, September 28, 2010

sprucing up the master bath

I pretty much hate my "master bathroom". I say master bathroom in quotations because while it is technically the master bathroom it is also connected to the rest of the house for use as a powder room.

Other grievances against the bathroom:
-It is incredibly small a fact that is emphasized by the strangely low ceilings.
-There is no bath, only a shower stall. (I haven't had a bath in almost six years!! I do shower regularly though!)
-There is no window and therefore no natural light.

I would love to do a complete renovation on it but that is not in the budget currently and probably never will be! :) So for now I am just trying to make it less ugly.

I didn't take proper before pictures so I dug through my iPhoto and found these pictures from Sutton's first hair cut.

One dark red wall and the rest of the walls primed white. I hated the red from the minute I rolled it on so I never bothered to properly finish the other walls (the plan was to paint them white). It stayed this way for almost five years! I can't believe that we let it be like that for so long but other projects received priority.

It's hard to believe but the red was actually an improvement... when we bought this house the walls were dingy white and had a green and pink rose border like this:

Who am I kidding? The red was hideous! I don't know what I was thinking. Red is a lovely color it just isn't me.

My General Contractor brother-in-law, Jon, came over recently touched up the drywall in bathroom (and lots of other little projects) as a thank you to Michael for building Jon's website. Michael can do drywall but just hadn't gotten around to it. Finally the bathroom was ready to prime and paint!


I used Martha Stewart 'Morning Fog'. I have to say I love Martha Stewarts new line of paint at Home Depot! I have used it on three projects now and I love the colors and the quality of the paint. It has a really nice finish to it and I LOVE that it has low VOC's.

The other side of the bathroom:

The door on the right goes to the hall and the partially visible door on the left goes to the master bedroom. The center door is a closet.

For artwork we have this adorable illustration done by Shai Zagury. My husband bought it for me years ago as a Christmas present. I think he worked with Shai's spouse at the time. I love the simplicity of the illustration.

Michael's grandmother was getting rid of this painting when she was moving from Brooklyn to NC. I love the colors and the texture.

The bathroom is still small and windowless but it feels bigger and lighter. It is amazing what paint can do!


dandee said...

The color is perfect! Great pick, Erin.

Mama Thompson said...

It looks awesome...I love that color. I did red in my kitchen when we moved in...left it there for nearly 5 years...when I finally painted over it, it was like a huge stress off my body, I didn't realize how "un calming" the red was till it was gone! I also love your round mirror.

Kalleen at Second Street said...

It looks great. I'm kinda sad I don't have any painting projects to try the Martha line on.

she wears flowers said...

Love the transformation!

I am almost positive that ugly wall paper is the exact same one that was in my master bath (more like mini bath, but I'll save that for another day!) except ours was the purple color line! Freaky!!

Marisa said...

The color looks great! And that illustration is perfect. I love that it hints to the red "history."

Maybe you've already thought of this, but I would totally take that closet door off to show some beautiful open shelving. Maybe nice, thick, stained wood shelves? It could help the bathroom feel more open and airy. (Though I do think it looks great as is.)

merathon said...

just picked up some paint swatch cards for some rooms i want to paint in our new house and that color was one of them! looks great, erin!

Diana said...

I actually love the red color - very punchy! But you are right, the grey is more calming and definitely makes the space look bigger. Your bathroom is about three times the size of ours! :)

jen said...

I can't wait to see it in person - it's a big improvement over the red. ;) A red wall in your house just always seemed out of character since everything else is so calming. And I love the picture you got from Gran's.

Erin said...

Thanks all!

@Marisa- that is a great idea! Of course, I would then have to find a way to hide all the crap I have stored in that closet! :)

@Diana- Ack! I promise not to complain about the size of my bathroom anymore!

Nicole said...

I love that wall color! Looks really nice!

Chris said...

What a difference. The color is perfect, and opened up that space so much more. Enjoy!

granma and papa said...

hey, baby doll, the bathroom looks fabulous. Great color, it is so you. Thanks for having a baby so that I can come out and see all that you have done. love you, mom

janimal said...

Oooh, I like! Our master bathroom is also windowless. With the UGLIEST wallpaper. The same wallpaper was in our bedroom and I tore that down before we moved in. Just didn't have it in me to tackle the bath also. And now it's 4 years later....sigh. So you have inspired me now. I really like the fog color you chose. Well done (as usual!)

Kelly said...

Love, love, LOVE the new color! Very relaxing and spa-like. Will definitely have to try the Martha Stewart paint. Thanks for the tip!

Jessica said...

looks great! I think if we were superheros I'd be your color nemesis. I love red, although I agree the after is better than the red before)and I won't say hate yellow, but never think to use it! Your love and use of yellow (that looks so great all over your blog) has inspired me to try my first yellow project. Thanks for all the inspiration!

Bec said...

It looks great! Much more "you" and much lighter and cleaner looking. Great job!

Melissa said...

It's amazing how just a little paint can update a space like that. I LOVE the new color! Great job!

Kim said...

Wow! That color is a total breath of fresh air in there. It went from dark and confining to bright and open. Great color choice.

Heather said...

It looks so good. I love that color. I use a similar one called Pearl Gray from Porter Paints.

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