Monday, December 6, 2010

the hutch

My friend Meredith recently reminded me that I have never "revealed" my thrifted hutch that I painted months and months ago. This is a common problem I have. I sew something, paint something or bake/cook something and plan to blog about it but I just keep forgetting. It gets worse with every year and every pregnancy. Someday I fully expect to forget I even have a blog!

Anyhow, here is the finished hutch:

Here is a reminder of the hutch before:

I was really unsure of what color to paint it. I considered aqua, green or white. I am really happy with the blue I finally decided on. It's Kerry Blue Terrier by Martha Stewart. It goes really well with the dining room curtains which was just luck considering I found the curtain material after I painted the hutch.

I filled the hutch with all my pretty white things. Most of them are thrifted, one gifted, a few from IKEA (the teardrop vases) and a couple from CB2.

This cute bubble bowl is my most recent thrift store find. I love it! $2.

Thanks for helping me remember Mer!


Rachel said...

I love the hutch, Erin! Great redo for sure- I love the different shade in the shelf area. It's a great contrast to your white dishes.

Anonymous said...

Your cabinet turned out great!! I just bought a small polka dot bowl like yours at a thrift store in GA before I left. I love it!

Bec said...

I wondered what color you went with! It looks great! Very pretty- and good match. Thanks for sharing.

she wears flowers said...

It looks great!!

Kelly said...

Oh I like it! Love the milk glass too. What a great way to display it. Good job and thanks for showing us.

The Fear Fam said...

Beautiful! My thrift stores never have furniture with such clean, modern lines. I am jealous!

Sara said...


jen said...

can you find a hutch like this for me? i need to start collecting storage-friendly furniture and you're the thrifting queen!
i love the blue color. even prettier in person with the rest of the elements in the room.

Jess said...

lovely color and shape! I have that exact cake plate too, on the bottom shelf!

Andi said...

It looks great! But what really puts it over the top is how you've decorated with all of the white dishes. Looks very classy.

merathon said...

you are SO welcome. i love the blue with all your pretty white things. so cute and so YOU. i have to agree with everyone-- i still don't know how you manage to find all these great pieces for so cheap. everytime i go looking for stuff, i find CRAP that they're asking way too much for!

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