Sunday, December 26, 2010

white christmas!

We got snow for Christmas! Well, most of it came Christmas night and the morning of the 26th but I am counting it as a white Christmas.

The kids has lots of fun playing outside and sledding down the steep hill in the front yard. Luckily Michael was home and played with them outside while I stayed cozy and warm in the house making oatmeal and hot cocoa! :)

I hope you all had a special day yesterday spent with the ones you love! Merry Christmas!


Mama Thompson said...

How is it that I am right in snow land and we had rain...but you down there in the south get snow...that is just silly! But I am so glad for your fun! Hope you had a great day!

dandee said...

Oh, I love that you had such a happy day! Merry Christmas to you! Build a snowman for me?

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