Friday, June 3, 2011

zoe's dollhouse

A couple of days ago I got an email from Kate of South Africa. She and her husband, Alan, used my doll house plans to make a doll house for their daughter Zoe. Their doll house is so rad- I just had to share it with you!

The flooring, carpeting and window boxes are all extras left over from her house renovation. I love that they added casters to the house. Such a great idea! Alan put lights in – the switches are at the back of the house. He even added speakers that an iPod can plug into (you can see the speakers next to the fireplace in the living room).

Ack! Curtains. Love it! Kate says, "The curtain rails I made from wire hangers and then drilled a tiny hole and pushed them into the walls."

Kate's dad built all the furniture. Amazing!

Kate knitted the living room rug with two wooden kebab sticks!! The fireplace is fantastic. I wanted to do one in Sutton's house but wasn't sure how to do it. Kate used tile (same as in the bathroom) as the fireplace surround. She then printed a picture of fire and hand painted over the picture to give it more life.

Kate said, "Zoe did announce to Dad that he had a problem as there was no ways to get upstairs, at which stage the elevator was added." Sutton made that same argument about her doll house not having stairs or an elevator. I told her to use her imagination. Kate and Alan are so much cooler than me!

Kate used contact adhesive for wall paper.

More handmade furniture.

Cool portraits on the wall.

Another great set of curtains!

I think Sutton's doll house will be needing a renovation in the future- lights, a fireplace, curtains, casters and maybe even an elevator!

Thank you Kate for sharing your darling doll house with us!


Marisa said...

I love that comforter with the purple buttons at the end!

Shirley said...

That is definitely one of the coolest doll houses I have ever seen! :)

Katey said...

amazing, i love doll houses! i remember that when i was little my doll house was handmade by a man with one arm. oh, childhood memories

Natalie said...

Oh my goodness. I love the wood floor, the fireplace, the bed, everything.. what cool parents! (And great doll house plans!)

Hands Sew Full said...

Thank you for sharing their doll house with us! I loved watching the progress on Sutton's so this was really nice to see how someone else made good use of your plans. My daughter has a doll house hand made by a fellow her grand parents know . It has some fun little accessories too. It is nice to get some ideas for "renovating" hers, since it is ten years old and needs to have some maintenance done to repair the damage cause by an unknowing/curious toddler!

Nicole said...

That is so cute! Just what a little girl would love! Adorable.

Tanya said...

That fireplace is adorable!

jen said...

That's pretty cool! I already plan on forcing Jon to make a dollhouse for any future daughter (and me) to play with.

Kimberellie said...

How too cool is this? TOO COOL! I love it! I so can't wait to make a dollhouse for my little doll!

kathy said...

This is great!

WOM-MOMS said...

That is absolutely precious!!!!

thank you for sharing!

Wom-Moms said...

I'm pretty sure this is brilliant! I see Lori (my blog co-author) liked it too! Every little detail is magnificent. I'm going to post a link on our blog right now so more people can see this. :) ~Ethne

Marikoy said...

Oh, I can't wait to have daughters and make them a nice doll house too. So pretty!

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