Friday, October 28, 2011

five things friday: birthday pictures edition

My birthday boy with his birthday breakfast still on his face- pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon and orange juice.

We took the family to a hot air balloon festival. 

The plan was to take a tethered ride in a balloon but that didn't pan out. We are hoping to go again next year.

Ezra demonstrating his additional year prior to opening his presents. 

CAKE! Please note the smoke coming off the candle to the left-- heart shaped-- how freaking awesome is that??



chris said...

What serendipity with the smoke! Looks like he had a wonderful birthday.

jen said...

i love the heart shaped smoke. it must be because the universe knows he's your favorite. ha ha. :)
happy birthday ez!!

2littlehooligans said...

amazing...i love that little heart. one year i found a heart shaped in the chickens water bucket on valentines day, that was amazing too!

Jenn Kirk said...

Where was the balloon festival? Must go next year. And happy birthday to your little one!

Emily said...

That heart shaped smoke is awesome! The hot air balloons look so fun too. :) Happy birthday Ezra!

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