Friday, October 7, 2011

five things friday

I am currently having a love affair with shrimp. I've never been a big fan of shrimp (probably has something to do with the shrimp I saw at my aunts house once- a sink full of whole shrimp. Tails, shells, eyes. It was all there and it was gross.) but suddenly I love it and can't get enough. Last weekend we added shrimp to quinoa and black beans. It. Was. So. Good.


With the return of fall my obsession of all things pumpkin is back. So far we have had pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin bars. I think I will make the pumpkin bars again this weekend for a family dinner I am hosting.


Last night Sutton and I went on a date to see Disney Princesses On Ice. Oh man, she was in heaven. She loved every second of the show. Her eyes were glued to the ice the entire time but at one point she leaned over to me and said "You're awesome Mom." Awwww.
not a great picture- she was so excited she could stand still- but i love her real smile


I have made the switch to cloth diapers. I know, I am like eight years too late but the old adage, 'better late then never' certainly applies, right? I have always felt guilty about using disposable diapers. I am certain that having three kids in diapers for three years each plus Gemma's eight months of life has produced enough disposable diapers to fill one entire landfill. My neighbor uses cloth diapers so I got so see it in action and it didn't seem as intimidating as I had thought. After that realization I couldn't squash the guilty anymore and decided to give it a go. I ordered Flip diapers. They fit both Ezra and Gemma which is very convenient (hopefully Ez will exchange them for underwear soon!). Today is only our second day. So far, so good!


Today I am going to IKEA with a friend. I don't have anything that I have to buy which is more dangerous than going into that store with a long list! Here's hoping that I can be prudent and not buy everything that catches my eye!

Have a fabulous weekend!!


jen said...

Sutton looks so grown up in this picture! You are an awesome mom. I don't think I could have sat through Disney Princess anything. :) Looking forward to seeing you guys (and eating some pumpkin bars) this weekend!

chris said...

Good luck cloth diapering. I started using them when we found out I was expecting #4 and knew that #3 wasn't anywhere close to potty training. I really loved them. I never had another blowout diaper.

Mama Thompson said...

You are so good for doing cloth diapers. My mom did for all 7 of her I decided that her lack of footprint on the environment cancels out my footprint for 2 kids :)

by the way....I'm a little jealous of the disney princess ice those shows!

HappyGirl said...

Flip diapers are the best, great choice! I have been using them on my 14 month old daughter since she was born.

Love your blog:)

Elizabeth said...

We just started cloth diapering too! We use diapers from They are super easy and way affordable. Sorry to sound like a commercial but I think affordability combined with ease is the best thing ever! You should check them out.

Mags [Margaret] said...

You pumpkin bars are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Erin ~ I began using clothe diapers about one year ago while I was a full time nursing student, and we use the flip system, too. I have to say I had the exact same fears as you did regarding the intimidation and work load involved. I actually begun using the diapers when my son was about 1 and a half and found it was way easier than I expected. Here is my advice with the flip system. Get yourself the spray gun by Bum Genius that attatches to your toilet. It is worth every penny, second I strongly recommend continuing with the disposables at night. No matter how hard we tried our son always wet through his clothes at night, even when I added two pads. Lastly, I use normal detergent on my clothes and they are fine. If you don't and use the kind they recommend you might find that smells linger and the stains don't come out. But avoid fabric softner and always hang dry the covers, otherwise the heat WILL break down the PUL fabric that the clothes are made out of. Oh one more thing, I also continue to use Desitin and A/D creams with no problem to the clothe. I just use Dreft stain remover on heavy stooled diapers or if I feel the cream is leaving a residue. Honestly, the more you wash the white insert the better they become. Enjoy!

The Blakes said...

so what's cloth diapering 101? They seem intimidating to me...

Kathy said...

I SO love your blog! I used cloth diapers and wipes for about a year with my youngest. It was cool for a while. Then I just got out of the habit. They are cute as heck though! So many cool colors and styles! Good luck with them. I agree with whoever said to use disposibles at night. That was a real sanity saver for us!

I want to try your pumpkin bars. In the meantime, I am posting a link to my pumpkin cake recipe. It's perfect for this time of year!

Jenn Kirk said...

I really admire those that take the plunge into cloth diapering. I was amped to do it for maybe 15 minutes, but then intimidation set in. For a while, we used a sustainable brand of disposables, but they were so expensive and went back to Costco Huggies. Another plus is that cloth diapers are a million times cuter.

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