Friday, October 21, 2011

five things friday

Whew. What a week. Lot's of coughing and fevers and earaches going on here. Liam and Sutton are currently both on antibiotics. We've never had multiple people on antibiotics before. While their drug use is overlapping they weren't really sick at the same time. It was one after the other. Which means two trips to the doctors office and many days of bundling up a sick kid to drive to the school to drop off/pick up the healthy kid.


I chopped off my hair. It's okay. Part of me loves it the other part feels like it's the mom version of Little Orphan Annie. Oh well, it's only hair. Plus it is way better than the alternative, which was using Michael's clippers to buzz my head. That's how frustrated I get when my hair gets too long and unmanageable.


I have to tell you about a friends new blog, A BLOG ABOUT LOVE. Mara is one of my dearest friends. She has been through a lot of trials in recent years (infertility, divorce). She (and sometimes her husband, Danny) writes about her experiences and finding strength and faith that she didn't know she had. Mara has always been a beautiful, smart, inspiring woman but her trials have changed her, she has transformed into an even more beautiful (yes, you can actually see a difference in her countenance), smart, inspiring woman. She has a peaceful confidence that I really admire. Check it out. You will be inspired too, I promise.


Today is October 21. Can you believe that I haven't even decorated for Halloween? I used to love to decorate for all the Holidays. I guess I still do, I just haven't had the time or energy. Let's just pretend that my house looks like this or this. Also, we are doing store bought costumes this year (gasp!). I end up spending about the same amount of money when I make costumes plus all the hours I spend and let's be honest don't kids always want the crappy store bought costumes? Mine do and I did when I was a kid.


Last but certainly not least, tomorrow is Ezra's third birthday! I can't believe my baby boy is three. Ezra was my easiest baby and continues to be my easiest kid. He is so easy going and is always happy (unless he is super tired). Ezra is really into sports, something that is new for our family. Liam is more artistic than athletic. Sutton is pretty athletic but isn't intrigued by sports the way Ezra is. I love how different they all are! This weekend will be spent celebrating Ezra and all the things he loves.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Emily said...

Your hair is super cute!! :) My house isn't decorated either. Also, your time is worth a lot! Happy birthday Ezra. :) Off to check out your friend's blog.

missbossypants said...

I LOVE your hair! It is short, and cute and sassy! Mine is straight and flat. I wish I could have your curls!

Marisa said...

I have the same cut and the same curls. Some days I like it, some days it feels very matronly. Particularly when I use my mom's combs to hold back the sides. Do share if you find any cute ways to style it!

Sara said...

I too love the new do, wish I had curls like that!! Also thanks for sharing the link to the other blog sends me a glimmer of hope!!

Jenn Kirk said...

You are so pretty, and that haircut flatters you! I envy your curls. And hope you all get healthy soon. Got my flu shot yesterday, the kids are next. Off to read your friend's blog!

Alie said...

I'm chopping my hair off soon too - it's starting to really drive me crazy. I think your hair looks great. I wish my curls were as nice as yours, mine are a mess.

And I love Mara & Danny's new blog. I haven't told you this, but I emailed her a couple of weeks ago (I came across her blog from Design Mom) and have gotten so much insight from her posts. I really admire her attitude about her infertility and I can feel my attitude changing as I am trying to implement some of her ideas in my life. It's been a really good change & I feel so positive about things.

chris said...

LoVe the hair. Hoping Ezra has a wonderful birthday.

merathon said...

i miss coming over to your house and seeing all your cute halloween decorations! i haven't gotten any of mine out yet either, and now i'm wondering if it's even worth it. just wasn't in the mood and i don't even know what the kids' costumes will be yet!

i think your hair looks great. your curls are fabulous when your hair is short!

Unknown said...

Great haircut! Happy happy birthday, Ez! Xoxo

Kristen said...

I think the short hair is super cute. And your dimples are the best!

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