Tuesday, November 29, 2011

custom pendant necklaces

When I was purchasing supplies for my clip on earring ring I noticed some bezel set pendants in the jewelery findings section but didn't think much of it until I saw these necklaces at Uncommon Goods. I thought they were cool but... $145. Gulp. That is a lot of money! The next day I ran to Hobby Lobby and picked up supplies (luckily they were 50% off that week. Score!).

I loved the map idea but there aren't many geographical locations that are important enough to me to wear around my neck. Maybe something from Brooklyn. I think I might try to scrounge up an old NYC Subway map and make a necklace with my old subway stop (7th Ave and 9th Street on the F Train) but since I didn't have a subway map on hand I used other items I had lying around:

The solid colors are nail polish (the small dark one is purple though it appears black in the photos). The dark blue/yellow print is from a Thank You card from my sister-in-law. The zig-zag and striped prints are from the cover of Michaels Pratt Institute Alumni Magazine (he was so nice about letting me cut it up!). The little multi-colored pendant is from the Flip diaper box. I had saved it because I loved the colors.

Cut out the template provided with the package. Trace onto your image and carefully cut out.

Glue onto your pendant. Let dry. Apply a layer of Dimensional Magic Mod Podge. Let it dry overnight. Add another layer. Let dry overnight again. Continue until you reach the desired thickness of mod podge. The 3D mod podge says it has a three hour dry time but I found that it needs to dry overnight and with the multiple layers needs another few days to fully cure or it tends to develop cracks.

If you are using nail polish, simply paint the bottom interior of your pendant allow it to dry completely and continue with the Dimensional Mod Podge.

They only thing I don't like about the 3D mod podge is the colors become muted. My bold multi colored diaper box pendant turned out pastel but it's still one of my favorites.

One of these pendants would make a simple and cute gift for that sister/friend/mother on your Christmas list!


jen said...

those are cute and look really easy to make. Uncommon Goods is a great place for ideas, but so overpriced. I mean $145 for one of these necklaces??

what's the difference between regular and 3D mod podge? does it set up differently?

Anonymous said...

I just got an Uncommon Goods catalog in the mail and love the stuff...but hate the prices too. I'm currently working on making my own potluck sweater potholders, because they're adorable and I'm having fun finding thrifted sweaters (and I'm working up to making upcycled wool longies for my baby).

I hadn't noticed the pendants, but they are pretty - thanks for providing a tutorial on making your own! I'll have to get some mod podge, and give it a go!

Erin said...

@jen- the 3d mod podge is very different from the regular stuff. it is thinner and it flows out of the bottle. it has a nice raised surface once it's dry. it's cool stuff!

Whitney C. Simms said...

These are kinda awesome! You're so clever. Glad you showed us this before Christmas. My wheels are totally spinning on how to use this concept.

Mags [Margaret] said...

Genius! Xoxo

chris said...

Darling and well done...especially the saving money part!

Kathy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Awaiting Ada said...

Beautiful! I will totally be making some of these for the girlies on my Christmas list. Thanks so much for sharing, I love your blog!

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

those are SOO cute, Erin! I'm going to have to try them soon!

Molly said...

Perfect! Can't wait to make these, and I even have Dimensional Magic on hand from your scissors tutorial. Merry Christmas! Miss you all!

Yellowbird said...

I've decided that lightweight necklaces are the only way to go when sending several Christmas packages across the US. This is a perfect idea. Going to try some tonight. Thanks.

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