Thursday, December 29, 2011

give and get

Christmas has come and gone and once again I have disappeared from my little blog. I've been having too much fun celebrating this special time of year with my family. In addition to spending time with my little family we been playing with aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. Unfortunately all of my kids are sick (the boys both have ear infections) so we have had to take some breaks from the fun here and there.

I wanted to share just a few of my favorite things that I gave and received this Christmas.

Michael gave me this beautiful coat. It fits really well and I LOVE the color!

He also gave me this necklace made by Morgan Pranther. She makes some beautiful and affordable necklaces.

Unlike last Christmas's doll house, this year I only made two simple presents. Colorful art for Michael. I'll show you how I made it soon.

I also made a necklace for my little sister. Sorry for the crappy picture. In typical Erin fashion I made it after dark the night before I had to mail everything. The necklace looked great on my sister when we Skyped Christmas morning. I followed Jess' tutorial for felt flowers at Craftiness Is Not Optional.

As I mentioned back in October, I got Sutton Fashion Plates. They were a huge hit!

What did you give and get this year?

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas (or whatever Holiday you celebrate) and I hope that you have a fabulous and healthy New Year. Bring on 2012!


Carole and Lee said...

I totally had a set of those fashion plates when I was a kid! How sad that my toys would be classed as vintage now.

jen said...

i got some money (yay!), an electric blanket for our cold & drafty bedroom, some colorful bowls for my new glass-front cabinets. i LOVE your coat. the color and fit looked great on you.

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

aw, love the necklace you made! what a great idea. I'm guessing you used...paint chips for the art? I've been dying to do that. Love the coat too! Sutton looks like she's loving the Fashion plates...maybe Sadie will be up for them by next year!

Tanya said...

Lovely give and gets! I was thrilled to find an e-reader under the tree this year, as well as some earrings and books.

Emily said...

Your husband has good taste. :) Can't wait to see more about the artwork.

Kathy said...

Erin, you have TOTALLY inspired me to build. I loved your kitchen and doll house. My 13 year old son wanted to build a restaurant for his little brothers. He drew up the plans and we built the restaurant together.

Here are the pix

Jenn Kirk said...

Merry belated Christmas Erin! What fun gifts to give and get. Hope you had a great new years! And forgot to mention that your fudge was delicious, thanks again : )

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