Tuesday, December 7, 2010

thrifty finds

I didn't find a lot last week thrifting but I LOVE the two items I bought.

First this bowl that mentioned yesterday. I love white. I love polka dots. This bowl was just meant for me! $2.

At the same store I found this mid-century sideboard. For the last five years or so we have had a dresser masquerading as a sideboard in the dining room. It has worked very well but I have always been on the look out for a real sideboard. When I spotted this piece I knew it was the one! It had only been there a few days but luckily the manager was willing to negotiate on the price. I got it for $30.

I couldn't fit it in the van that day so we had to go back and pick it up on Saturday. When Michael saw it he said "I am not sure this was worth $30". It told him to trust me but seeing it again I was secretly wondering the same thing. It had some scratches on the sides, the legs were loose, it was really dirty and worst of all it had cup rings and cat foot prints (eww!) all over the top that I couldn't get off with normal cleaning. Michael tightened the legs. I cleaned the entire thing inside and out and polished it. Then Michael lightly sanded the top and put on a couple of coats of poly. Good as new and definitely worth $30!

The new sideboard is actually a little smaller than the dresser which works well because we now have more room to maneuver around the table.

Did you have luck at the thrift stores last week?


Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I love that little bowl - can't go wrong with white dishes!

jen said...

ooh, i love the new sideboard! i am trying to convince jon to build me some furniture like all your thrifty finds before we move and he loses his shop space. :)

alie said...

The new sideboard is gorgeous! Definitely worth the $30. I'm so glad you got the cat paws prints out. That is so gross! I love the bowl too.

The Fear Fam said...

Both the bowl and the sideboard are beautiful, and I think you got a steal of a deal for $30!

Jess said...

wow you have the greatest luck with furniture!

Sparrow's Nest said...

that is a fantastic sideboard! I really thought we would have room for one under our windows in the dining room, but it makes it too hard to use the table... sad day...

Hez said...

Okay. That sideboard is awesome! I have been on the hunt for 6 months or so and that would be perfect in my dining room :) What a great find! And WAAAAAAYYYY cheaper than the prices I have been seeing.

jflasteele02 said...

I'm so jealous of all your mid century furniture finds. Out entire house is decorated with mid century furniture and we keep buying more, even though we don't have anymore space for it. I wish our thrift stores in Memphis had amazing furniture like that, but they don't. Oh well! Love it!

Hands Sew Full said...

Wow! Our thrift store does not get great stuff like that ...dirty or not! And what they do get they want a fortune for which makes me nuts because they got it for FREE!!!! I saw a small cabinet the other day and they had a price tag on it for $250.00 they wrote "Vintage" on the sticker! Free, they got it for ....FREE!!!!! I need to travel more!

Andi said...

How the @#$% do you guys always find such cool pieces?! Love it!

Amy said...

Between the Eames chairs and that credenza, I am in complete envy! They are a total score! The credenza is worth waaaay more than 30 bucks! Your house looks beautiful and oh so cozy - messes and all!

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