Thursday, December 9, 2010

'tis the season to be jolly!

Christmas has finally arrived at the Woodward house! We pulled all the bins of decorations out of the attic on November 29th and it took me until yesterday to finish. 10 days! And I only put out about half our decorations. I am definitely moving slower these days.

View from the front door.

Looking into the dining room.

The only nativity I set up this year. I love the simplicity of having just Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus (my thrifted star is hanging from the ceiling above the nativity).

The dining room.

I am really happy with the yarn trees. They fit perfectly on the new sideboard.

The hutch got a few touches of red and the pennant banner I made last year.

The family room.

I haven't made an evergreen wreath for the mantel yet. It has been unseasonably cold here and I am too wimpy to spend the time needed outside to make the wreath. Hopefully it will warm up a bit and I can get one made.

I will be making new stockings for next Christmas. We will be a family of six (!) by then and Michael and I miss having stockings. They aren't just for kids you know!

I found a place for my (pale) yarn wreath! Michael found this cool red print (you can't see the detail with the wreath on it) in his grandmothers basement years ago. We have always meant to frame it but haven't gotten around to it. I finally did a few weeks ago and then realized it was the perfect spot to set off the wreath. The snow people were made by my grandmother many years ago.

Looking into the kitchen. More of the pennant banner I made last year is strung in the opening and on the windows. Christmas pillows adorn the couch.

I love the glow of the tree at night. A word about ornaments: I have given up on having a "pretty" tree. I let my kids put on whatever they want. Which always ends of being the ornaments they made in school and ones from my childhood but I really like it that way. Our tree won't be winning any design awards but it has character and holds lots of memories.

Only 16 days until Christmas! I have lots still to accomplish. What about you? Are you ready?

UPDATE: I don't want to pretend that I am perfect or that my house is always this pristine! I like a clean and tidy home but I do have three kids. This is what is going on at my house at this very moment (5:32pm):

And really this is pretty mild. More often than not they have all the cushions off the couch and are making a fort with them. Just don't tell my husband... he hates it when they tear apart the couch! :)


Chris said...

It looks wonderful, Erin. Your home looks festive and happy.

2littlehooligans said...

you house is beautiful! i too have a long list and im not even close to being finished.

Andrea said...

Wow it looks fantastic! simple is better in my opinion. How do you keep your house so tidy and not a toy in sight? I only have one child and she has my house looking like a bomb went off! Any tips you can share. I'm so jealous:)
I think I'm ready for Christmas? I think....

Wright's said...

I love your style. It's so different from mine. With an older home, I'm stuck with a more traditional style. I love it, but long for something more modern when I see homes like your. I love the simplicity. I pulled out my decorations on the 29th too and I'm still not done decorating. I've never taken this long. I'm no where never ready for Christmas. Instead I spend my days dropping things from my list, it's too long and I don't have time.

janimal said...

It looks great! Your home is also so impeccable. Wow.
I like trees with home-made, personal, decorations MUCH more than the matchy matchy decor ones.

Michael said...

Erin does a fantastic job of keeping our house clean - no doubt about that. But usually if the youngest is up, the toy box in the fireplace is half empty and the floor is covered.

I really enjoy how festive our house feels during the holidays though. Great job love!

jen said...

I wish I had a staircase to decorate - it's so pretty. Love the finished decorations! And don't be so modest, your house is usually pretty neat and tidy!

Kariane said...

Your home and decorations look lovely. Anyone can see that lot of energy and thought went into all the little touches you've accumulated that makes it look so special. And. I gotta say I loved that you posted the last picture! Ha! As I'm reading this, I'm thinking, "there's no way this lady has kids... Wait a second, yes she does, she totally has kids! Where are they and why is this place so perfect???!". Thanks for throwing out a little reality to all us moms dealing with the daily (happy) battle of living with the circus. Enjoy your 16 days!

merathon said...

i am so with you on the tree thing. i LOVE that our tree is a mixture of ornaments from my childhood, ones that we have made, and ones that we've collected over the past 11 years that we've been married. it's so fun pulling each ornament out year after year and remembering a story behind almost every one. truly, i wouldn't want it any other way.

Jennifer said...

Erin1 Your place looks so great! We are just getting our ornaments out tomorrow.

mary katharine said...

Enjoyed viewing these. Love the cosiness your simplicity brings. A perfect home:).

Erin said...

Your house looks so great!

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