Thursday, July 2, 2009

coffee table

i have been on the look out for a coffee table for months. this isn't my dream table but it is close enough for now. all this thrifting has made my innate cheapness even more extreme. i actually hemmed and hawed (and pondered over night) about spending $20 on this. in the end, i am glad i bought it. though the kids are driving me nuts with the jumping back and forth from the table to the couch. you'd think that we don't have a "no jumping on the furniture" rule in this house. luckily only minor injuries so far...

did you notice my new orange ruffled pillow? cute, right?

i made it using this tutorial. things i did different- sewed my ruffles to the pillow front before sewing the pillow cover together. also, i made the cover removable for washing because let's face it, with three kids in the house it is inevitable that it will need to be washed at some point!
i used a pillow form i already had and a 40% off coupon for the fabric so the total cost of the project was less than $4.


merathon said...

i think the table looks great and seems to work perfectly with everything else in your room. and don't get me started on that cute pillow-- i might have to stop reading your blog cuz it makes me feel bad about myself... :(

granma and papa said...

the pillow is great! I'm glad that you are a penny-pincher but get real! $20??? Great find!

Courtney said...

so awesome! mind if i tweet this?

mer said...

yeah :). yes, sewing on the ruffles before makes them nice and tidy at the ends. Love it in orange!

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