Thursday, July 2, 2009

coffee table- take two

after posting about the coffee table this morning the kids and i stopped by a couple of thrift stores and guess what- i found a coffee table i like even more than the first. and it was only $10!

i especially like the wood inlay.

the first coffee table is now in the formal living room (as formal as a sewing room/office/catch-all room can be).


jen said...

do you visit thrift stores every day?! I never find good stuff when I go - but i guess I only go on the weekends and the good stuff is probably already gone by then. I like this table. You have really filled up your house with cool finds lately!

Varenia said...

that coffee table is gorgeous! great find!

Erin said...

thanks varenia!
i don't go thrifting every day- i wish! but i probably go more often than i should! :)

KJ said...


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