Thursday, July 9, 2009

gray and yellow bag

i love yellow. especially when paired with gray. i bought this gray and white fabric a while ago at IKEA of all places. i didn't know what i was going to make with it but i knew i liked it. the yellow is an old sheet from my mother-in-law. i used the buttercup bag pattern.

i made a few changes to the pattern- enlarged it by 30% on my copier and then added an additional two inches in length, much longer strap so bag can be worn across the body, extra pockets inside, added a interior band of the exterior fabric along the top of the bag.

i also made a matching accessories bag for all the little items that are usually buried at the bottom of my bag. my most favorite has to the be the key tether i added. i will never again have to dig to find my keys!

i love that the yellow is like a little surprise just for me. though i wish i had made the bag a little bigger. it's already pretty full!


merathon said...

my birthday is coming up...

oh wait-- did i let that slip out? i'm not trying to imply anything at all... really, i'm not.

seriously though, that bag is fab.

Erin said...

thanks meredith! that's funny that you mentioned your birthday... emily i were trying to remember exactly when your birthday is... july? august? let me know and i will definitely have something special for you!

Anonymous said...

that bag is fantastic! love the pop of yellow on the inside as well - exactly what that bag needs!

jen said...

very cute! you are so talented! and the colors are very you.

andrea. said...

you are incredibly talented. how do you have the time to make such beautiful things flawlessly and take care of three kids?! i need to just spend a week with you!

okay for real should start an etsy shop. and do a giveaway on your blog!

Emily B. Kerr said...

Love the bag! The colors are great.

Natalie said...

oh i loooove it. those colors are my fav right now. and why is it that it is so hard to find keys!? great job


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