Wednesday, September 2, 2009

family tree templates

first i just want to thank all those out there that have featured my blog. i am honored and overwhelmed by the response to my little play kitchen project. and very warm welcome to all my new readers! i am so glad you're here!

here it is- the much requested family tree templates.

background paper 20"x24" (i had to buy paper larger than this and cut it down to size)
tree paper at least 19"x22"
leaves paper two 8.5"x11" cardstock, one blue one green (or your preferred colors)
frame with a 20"x24" opening
*i had to buy the large paper at art supply stores. stores like michael's just didn't have paper large enough.

i have struggled for hours how to get the template on here. the tree is about 20" wide and we don't have a plotter or printer large enough to print an image that size so we had to print it in six sections. my husband created the template in illustrator where it is very easy to print in sections. i know not everyone has access to that program so i was trying to find a way to cut the image into six different jpeg files and still have it print the right size. after countless hours i still haven't been able to make it work. is there anyone out there that knows how this can be accomplished? help! for now i will post the file as a PDF. if you have illustrator use your print selection tool to print the tree in six different sections. if you don't have illustrator, i suggest you take the file to kinkos (or similar) and get it printed. you might even be able to get it printed directly onto your tree paper, which would make the whole project so much easier- it would just cost more money.

if you have printed the tree in sections, match up the pieces and tape the pages together. cut your tree out. if you are only making one tree then place the taped together on your tree paper and carefully trace. if you are making multiple trees trace your taped together tree onto a piece of poster board. using an x-acto knife carefully cut out the negative of the tree so you have a stencil. like this (obviously, you could easily make a stencil like this with the kinko's print out):

now you can easily and quickly trace lots of trees. once you have your tree traced onto the paper carefully cut it out with an x-acto knife. for the best looking tree cut on or slightly inside the line- you don't want the branches to be too thick. the most important thing in cutting out the tree is smooth, straight lines. if you go off the cutting line a little it's okay, just gradually pull it back to the line (no sharp turns). it doesn't have to be perfect, we're just looking for the basic shape. once your tree is all cut out turn it over (so you can't see the cutting lines) and now you can refine the shape (if needed) with very sharp scissors or an x-acto knife.
tree PDF

you will need to print two sheets of the leaves for each tree- one in each color. one color for the females and the other color for the males. after you have your leaves cut out assemble everything (tree, leaves) on your background paper (but don't glue it down yet). now that you can see which way the leaves are arranged you can write the names (if you write on the leaves before you cut them out your names might end up being upside down). some of the leaves are pretty small, use a pencil first to make sure the name and date fit and are spelled correctly. when you are happy with it go over it with a nice fine tipped marker.

the diagram is to help you get all the leaves in the right spots. there are three sizes of leaves. if you are making a tree for you and your husband the names of your children will be on the trunk, you and husband will be on the two main branches, your parents and in-laws will be on the large leaves, your grandparents and grandparents-in-law on the medium leaves and your great grandparents, great grandparents-in-law, great-great grandparents and great-great grandparents-in-law on the small leaves.

A lovely reader took the time to create the leaves in a silhouette file. This makes the project much faster! Thank you Carrie Marsh!

now you can glue your tree and leaves to the background. use some nice scrapbooking adhesive. you don't want your finished project to have that rippled look you get with glue sticks!

i hope these directions make sense, please let me know if you have any questions. i will do my best to answer. if you make one of these trees i'd love it to see it- email a picture!


Steph said...

Yippee!! Thanks Erin. I don't have Illustrator, but I'm sure I'll be able to figure this out.

jen said...

Hm...I definitely want to try this. I think I will attempt it for a family gift for my parents this Christmas. But I have the advantage of being able to come over to your house and having your help. :)

Shanon Ridenour said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shanon Ridenour said...

Thank you for sharing all your hard work. I'm excited to make this for a family member and myself!

Anna said...

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Very much.

yankin2002 said...

I`m right a new reader, I`m glad to follow your blog;)

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

I LOVE this. Thanks for posting it!

greatgaunts said...

This is the cleanest family tree I've come across. Am a new follower and really enjoying what I've seen so far. Great work, Erin!

Cassie said...

Thank you for sharing. I am going to make this for a Christmas present.

Twiggles and Trunks said...

what a great gift! i hope to make these for all the women in my family this year, THANKS!

Natalie said...

just came across your blog when a friend told me to check out your entertainment center kitchen- that has got to be the cutest thing i have ever seen! soo inspiring. if i ever get girls i have got to try that out. I love this family tree too- i did a family tree of my own and i love it but i think that's one of my coming up projects to re-vamp. we'd love for you to come see it! it's under the label- art.


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Tiffany said...

i love this idea and all of the hard work you put into this template.

can i link this and include one of your pics?


Kim said...

I love, love, love this! Thank you for the easy to understand directions. This is my new year project!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Love it! I'll certainly try this cute design of family trees. Thanks for the share.

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