Sunday, September 6, 2009

his sunday best


this is what Ezra wore to church today. with pants of course... church is one of those places where pants just aren't optional! it may be the first thing i have made for him. which is sad because he is almost 11 months old. i am glad that i finally made this for him (it's been on the 'must sew' list for a while), he looks so darn cute in it and this tie works much better than the real tie i made him for Easter (to coordinate with his dad's and old brother Liam's tie- in retrospect it was a little much). he used it as a chew toy and it was practically dripping by the end of church. gross!

this was also the first time i have ever attempted to dye anything. it was easier than i thought it would be. although i don't recommend wearing your favorite white shirt while using dye. even if you think it will be fine because you are wearing an apron... it won't end well (duh!).

i made the tie applique with some fabric from my scrap drawer. you only need a few inches, really. i free-handed the tie but Char at Crap I've Made has a great template and a detailed tutorial if you need one.



Andi said...

I just saw a picture online where they did the same thing. Very cute!

andrea. said...

i love it!! i am all over this one. well, except i am about to take max out of onesies but a t-shirt would be cute, right? and where do you find all your fabric? fabric is expensive, there must be a secret that i don't know about.

Heather said...

Cute! Both the onesie and the model ;)

Erin said...

andrea- a t-shirt with a tie applique would definitely be cute on Max! i buy most of my fabric from a local independent store. i don't like to buy fabric online unless i have seen it in person. plus i hate paying shipping! if you are doing a small project like this check the remnant table at your local fabric shop.

Jenn Benn said...

This is so adorable!!! I must find a baby boy to make it for.

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