Saturday, February 13, 2010

snow and popovers

We got hit with more snow! Not any thing like the rest of the East Coast but about 4". It is beautiful, soft fluffy snow. Perfect for making snowballs and a snowman.

I have wanted a popover pan for about two years. They don't cost very much, around $20, but I have something against spending good money on a item that has only one purpose. I like items (and people) that are multi-taskers. On Tuesday I found a brand new popover pan in the original packaging for $1.50 at the thrift store. I just couldn't pass it up for that price.

I love popovers! They are simple to make and call for only basic ingredients- milk, flour, eggs and salt. I made these this morning and served them with strawberry butter. Yum!

UPDATE: I was feeling lazy and didn't want to type out the recipe. Still don't! This one at the Food Network is pretty much identical to the one I used (it came with the pan).

For the strawberry butter, I tossed a stick of butter (room temp), 1/4 cup strawberry preserves and 2T powdered sugar into my kitchenaide and whipped the heck out of it. I really want to try it with raspberry or blackberry preserves.

Oh and, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY tomorrow!


Kristi said...

oooooh I love popovers and am just like you...I can't bring myself to buy something that only has one purpose. Score for you at the thrift store!! :)
Hope you enjoy the snow & the popovers!!

Steph said...

Score! A bargain like that feels awesome. We love popovers too, but we'll have to be satisfied with puffy oven pancakes until I find my own popover pan at a thrift store.

I once found a brand new cuisinart double canister ice cream maker and a brand new italian pasta roller (with attachments) in the same thrifting trip. But I only had enough cash with me to buy one of them-- it was so painful!

I chose the ice cream maker and we're happy with it, but I still think about that pasta roller all the time...

granma and papa said...

you are the Queen of shoppers!!!

Janie said...

Great Find! I am also hindered by where to keep it when I'm not in a popover mood. :) Can you elaborate on the strawberry butter, please? YUM!

Jennifer said...

Erin! I love popovers! I had no idea that they are easy to make! I love them enough to pay full price for the pan. In fact, I am willing to pay double price (at Tarzian) for the pan. Do you have a recipe to share. You have inspired me!

janimal said...

That picture makes me want popovers. Bad. Seriously almost enough to make me want to make some. YUM!

Anonymous said...

Those look delicious. Gosh, I haven't had popovers since I was a kid!

Jamie Garlick said...

I've never had (or even heard of) popovers before, but I want to try them!
Can you make them in a regular muffin tin??

Melissa said...

The strawberry butter sounds amazing! I'm going to make it this week. For sure. This week I made Gingerbread waffles and creme fraiche, the strawberry butter would've been yummy.

These popovers look tasty! I'll have to try them, too!

Faye said...

OHHHH that sounds good. i just saw a recipe for applebutter (in blogland somewhere oh found it ) looks so easy too!

now i want this pan! whats the difference from that and a muffin pan??

LOVE LOVE your blog i have been a stalker err lurker for a full 2 days now.. reading every one i can!! you have so many great ideas and I appreciate you sharing them!!

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