Thursday, January 20, 2011

labor crafts

My baby is currently seven days late. Which I guess is normal for me. My first came on time but then I had to be induced with #2 and #3. I am trying to be patient and give my body time to go into labor on it's own. I prefer natural childbirth and dislike being induced. That being said, I can only be patient for so long! I have an induction set up for the 26th.

On Monday night I got the idea that if I made something for the baby that she would be motivated to come out. Silly, I know. I decided to try the swaddle blanket from Prudent Baby. I cut it out Monday night and Tuesday morning contractions started! The contractions continued all day and were mostly mild so I was able to finish the swaddler as seen here modeled by Sutton's bear, "Star". After 14 hours the contractions faded away. I have never experienced false labor before (btw, I take offense at the term "false labor" nothing about that day felt false!) and I was very frustrated. I may have cried. A lot.
A word about the swaddler tutorial: I am really happy with how it turned out (well, as happy as I can be not being able to actually try it on a baby) but the tutorial lacked specific measurements which I found very frustrating. I also had to modify it a little bit since my fabric had a directional print and I didn't want the cute little trees to be cut on the diagonal. I was able to able to figure it out and even created a pattern so I can easily make more. If I like how the swaddler works I will definitely make one or two more for myself and several as baby gifts and I'll post the pattern for all of you.

In between all my useless contractions I also wrapped another thrifted wreath form. This time with white cotton yarn for Valentines Day.

I made two different sized fabric yo-yos (my first ever yo-yo project!) from scraps that had red and pink as the dominant color. A narrow red ribbon twisting up one side finished it off.

Hopefully tomorrow I will share the rest of the Valentine's Day decorations. I've got to distract myself somehow, right?


Katie said...

False labour is the worst. I had it a few times with my first pregnancy. Good luck!

Lauren said...

Good luck with your baby! I hope the baby arrives soon. Cute wreath.

Jess said...

man, being late stinks! My first was 11 days late...the thing to do is schedule an induction, once I did that, she came on her own. lol!

I love the valentine's day wreath!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Erin
You don't know me...I'm over the other side of the world in Australia...but your blog is on a list of blogs that I check daily. I like what you do :)
But I'd seriously like to know how you find the time to do things with 3+ kids. I only have 2 and I struggle to even keep up to date with my washing. Are you super organised? Strict with routine? What is your secret?
Best of luck with your new arrival...hope it happens soon.

The Rose Family said...

Here's hoping that the little uterus guest decides to check-out soon! I agree with the false labour part-- it's not false to anyone but a doctor! Love your blog, BTW.

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

My sweet Keller's birthday is tomorrow (he might be my best one)...I think tomorrow's a great day to have a baby!

Erin said...

@Natalie- Thank you for your compliments! Let me start by saying I think blogs do us all a disservice because everything is presented as perfect and instantaneous. Not so! My house is often a mess (the kids' rooms are a disaster 90% of the time). I have to do things (cleaning, laundry, sewing, painting, crafting, etc.) in stages or spurts when time allows. I have always been one to sit down and do a project from beginning to end but as a mother that isn't really possible anymore... there are always lots of interruptions. You have to do things a few minutes here and a few minutes there.

I do love having a schedule. I am strict about naps and bed time. That is when I do most of my crafting/sewing. Also, my oldest is in school all day and when my kids are all home they play pretty well together- that helps a lot.

I hope that helps! Thanks for reading!!

jt said...

I love the Valentine's wreath- I have one in the works right now as well. However, i have never found wreath forms or embroidery hoops at Goodwill! Not fair. And please do share a pattern for the swaddling blanket when you can. :)

Chris said...

I am a huge fan of swaddle blankets, yours looks great. Hang in there, I think the anticipation would drive me crazy. "False" labor is doing stuff, I promise.

Lakshmi said...

I love the valentine's wreath ! Its gorgeous.
And false labor sucks..I had it with both my kids. Braxton hicks right from the 5th month and progressively increased during the pregnancies..and yes..nothing feels false about it.
Hang in there !

Anonymous said...

Hope the bebe arrives soon Erin!!

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your yo-yo valentine wreath. Do you have a tute for the yo-yo's? I might be doing a monthly craft night with friends and we were going to make yarn wreaths. Would love to do the yo-yo's too.

Meegan said...

Shall I start by saying C'MON BABY!!!! :D
Inducing is not fun and not something I ever looked forward to. I hope you make it before the 26th!

And that wreathe is lovely! In Australia, we don't tend to decorate for seasons/events throughout the year (like Valentine's Day) but I like it! I like the change in decor, even if it's something subtle and small...

Here's hoping your next post is one welcoming a new baby into the world..


Hands Sew Full said...

Love your labour crafts! Hope all goes well with your delivery, and yes nothing is false! Every contraction does something! May not be enough to kick it all into gear but it is definitely the prep work! I tried to look at it this way...the more little labour stages that get done now...the shorter my "real" labour will be! I was never ready to have the baby by the time they came so I took "false labour" as my heads up to finish the big pack a onsie and some wipes in that bag! Good Luck!

Holly said...

Fun yarn wreath! My sister in law gave those as Christmas presents - I'm in the process of making my first one, but I'm starting with a cardboard cut out... we'll see how it turns out...

Hoping your false labor turns to real labor soon! :)

Kalleen at Second Street said...

I'm so sorry Erin. I was hoping you had her already. I can't wait to see if your blanket works and get the pattern.
I had one aunt go 2 months over- that was in the days when they didn't induced. My body will not go into labor on it's own- I'm not as patient as you. Induction has become my best friend.

Kathy said...

Oh mama! False labor is NO FUN!! I hope that by the time you read these words you're in REAL labor. I had 5 days of false labor with my first. It never felt false to me! I LOVE the swaddle blanket you did. Please post the patten when you have the time. There's no rush, my baby having days are over, but i'd love to make it as a gift.

Jenn-Lee at Moments said...

I LOVE your yo-yo wreath! So cute! Best wishes with your new sweet little one too! Congrats!

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