Thursday, July 21, 2011

hello again!

I kind of disappeared there for a bit, didn't I? It wasn't intentional, there was just so much going on with the wedding (which went off without a hitch, by the way!). After the wedding we took off for a few days at the lake. We rented a beautiful house on an inlet with a private dock and beach area. It was just what we needed to unwind after the stress of the reception!

I'll post pictures of the wedding + reception and the lake soon but for now check out these animated GIFS I put together. They're so fun!

My brother-in-law Andy (we affectionately call him "Hobo"because of the hair and beard, he's a rockstar):

My brother-in-law Jon (the General Contractor):

My sister-in-law Laura (check out those calf muscles- yowza!):

Next time I will definitely bring my tripod so the background doesn't move. They are even more fun in reverse:

Check out Liz's Animated GIF How To to make your own!


Tricia said...

I'm glad that you were all able to get away and relax. You did a great job with the reception. Thanks for putting up with us.

granma and papa said...

welcome back! the clips are terrific, you did a great job with them :-)

jen said...

so fun! love the animated GIFs.

teresa said...

wow the animated gif's are great!

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