Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a skirt refashion that is a sort of fail

I totally forgot to take a before picture but the skirt was the same style as the skirt I refashioned a few weeks ago.

I made it pretty much the same way as the last dress... I took in the skirt until it fit Sutton's body. Using the excess material I made the straps and ruffled sleeves.

Again with the wrinkles. You probably think I don't own an iron. I do, I'm just lazy.

I used the contrasting material from the bottom of the skirt to make a pleated ruffle between the straps.

I used more contrasting material on the back because I am sort of a prude when it comes to modesty, especially when it comes to my children. Only, I think it looks a little weird and doesn't cover that much. I may just take it off.

But that isn't the worst part. Look closer. Notice how the ruffled sleeves are totally uneven? Crappy workmanship right there.

The sash was part of the original skirt. All in all, it's not so bad. Just don't look too close!

Luckily Sutton isn't as nit-picky as I am!


Lynne said...

I think it's beautiful! I love the colour, print and sash. Are you bothered enough by the sleeves to unpick one?

2littlehooligans said...

oh my goodness, the pics are great first of all and i never noticed the uneven sleeves til you pointed it out. but i love the back and think you should leave those 1/2 circle things.

Emily said...

Love the prints and the shape of the front. What pretty pictures too! Same question as Lynne. :)

jen said...

I think the half circle things in the back are kind of cool. And I didn't notice the sleeves - I think you are like Jon. He always notices mistakes in things that he makes, even though most people just see something beautiful. :)
Also - these pictures make me miss Sutton SO much. (even though it's only been a week).

Erin said...

@Lynne and Emily- I'm not sure. I might do that. It would be a simple fix and I would probably be much more satisfied with the dress!

Jessica said...

love it! The uneven sleeves are just like my projects. I made a yellow/ gray jacket and the pockets are inches difference in height. Don't even know how I could be that sloppy, but it happens all the time to me. I probably wouldn't have noticed yours actually!

Ange said...

Are you kidding? That looks fantastic! I love it. And I wouldn't change the back. My first thought was that it looked amazing.

Lauralee said...

so so cute! Love the fabric, love the front pleated ruffle. Great job . . . even with the weirdo stuff. Happens to me all the time!

Audrey said...

Lady, your daughter is one fashionable chica. I'm serious! I think that dress would turn the head of every mom. It's totally fashionable for a modest adult, and especially so for a child.

Audrey said...

Also, I love the back. Definitely don't change it.

granma and papa said...

ok, Carol and I are looking at this together and both agree that you have done SOMETHING to Sutton! She looks 15 not 5. Stop it, Erin, stop it. I don't want my baby to grow up!

Oh, BTW I really like the dress, just remember the "galloping goose" and let her enjoy it. Love you both (and Michael, Liam, Ezra and little Gemma)

Sheena said...

those are the cutest little freckles, your kids are so adorable!

Kalleen at Second Street said...

Seriously so cute. I would have never noticed the problems, if you didn't mention them. I have issues all the time. I'm always hoping someone won't call me out on them. That's how it goes when you teach yourself how to sew, create your own patterns or make stuff up as you go. Sutton is stunning in brown.

Maryeliz said...

Catching up on blogreading, so I'm a little late on this... but I wanted to say that this dress is GORGEOUS. So elegant and stylish, while also appropriate for a little girl. I didn't notice the discrepancy in the sleeves at all. Great work. (As usual.)

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